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Flight schedule for Air Bagan in Myanmar (Burma)

Air Bagan is a new company that took-off 15 October 2004, and everything is going very well. Service on Air Bagan is so far, better than the others domestics airlines.
Files update :13-09-2010

Air Bagan - Yangon Chiang Mai - update 13 septembre 2010

Starting Novembre 2010, Air Bagan will resume its flights between Yangon and Chiang Mai (Thalaind), three times a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
It is an easy connexion to Myanmar when you are in north Thailand.

Flight schedule

Flight schedule is supplied by Air Bagan. It is a new company and as usual in Myanmar, the flight schedule is not exactly what really happen when you ask for a booking...... contact us if you want to be sure for a flight number or precise flight schedule.
For last minute update and double checking, log on Air Bagan web site : www.airbagan.com

Air Fares

- Air fare for domestic flight in Myanmar (Burma) on Air Mandalay, Yangon Airways and Air Bagan: Here