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Animals and bites in Myanmar

Just be careful !

Burma is obviously a tropical country covered with dense jungle, hot desert, hot humid and full of dangerous animals....
It is not exactly like this.

Snakes !

First of all, in more than 10 years (now 2013), we never had any customer bitten by a snake and we never heard about it. No need to be paranoid (even if you NEED to be cautious)

Some snakes in Myanmar are quite dangerous : Russell's viper in the Dry Zone and the infamous Royal Cobra (+ some other friends).

In general, it is the viper of Russell which is responsible for the greatest number of bites in the Burmese peasants (the snake loves hot sand and the fields).
Snakes are active the morning with the rising of the sun, and at night. Simply avoid running everywhere naked feet in the fields, in rubbles at this time of the day, do not attend too the fields of sugar canes and then just be careful.
Your guide or the inhabitants will be able effectively to advise you.


There is a lot rabies in Myanmar, really a lot.
Do not touch dogs and animals.
If you are bitten by animals, you absolutely need to contact a doctor.

This is a real reason to come back Yangon to get your shots (if needed)

If you plan to stay in Myanmar for a while, you should get an immunization for rabies (and Japanese encephalitis)

Spider, scorpion !

Especially present in the " dry zone " at the medium of the countries (Bagan, Monywa) included.
These small animals come out especially the evening, therefore do not walk with bare foot at night in the fields nor move stones.

In 10 years in Myanmar, we do not know anybody who was bitten. Do not be the first !
A good practice is to shake its shoes before putting them and suspending them at a tree during the night (it is even essential when you do trecking in the jungle).

Scorpions are painfull but not lethal (if you are not allergic)

What to do in a snake bites you

Obviously, especially in the case of a snake or an allergy it is necessary to go to see a doctor in emergency.
Burmese people know how to deal with this kind of problem.

The best solution is to require of your guide or of the inhabitants to indicate the dispensary nearest to you.
Burma produces many antivenim serums. Keep your calms and go quickly to the hospital!

- Do not pose a tourniquet (you accumulate venom at the same place which is potentially more dangerous).
- Wash the wound with the soap or chlorinated water, calm the casualty.