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Renting a moto bike in Myanmar

Renting a moto bike in Myanmar

There is place like Yangon or Bagan where it is stricly forbidhen for a foreigner to drive a motobike and the police is quite enforcing the law (if you wish to visit Bagan, we recommend e-bike or bike).

Generally speaking, a tourist cannot drive a car or a motobike in Myanmar.
You will easily find people to rent you an engine motobike (we do not speak about e-bike), even if it is not authorized....

Problem is your insurance... and the cost of it.

Insurance if you are driving

You need to know put very simply that :

- The people who are renting you a motobike have no insurance coverage.

- That your own insurance company is perfectly aware that you are not supposed and authorized to drive a bike yourself...

- so in case of accident (sorry but it always happen..) you will be totally on your own.
You helah accident insurance will not cover you, and will let you arrange everything (if you can), or pay everything by yourself.

So just don't, we are seeing every year terrible thing, people with very bad accident, stuck in a local hospital with the only option to pay by themselve all the cost to
be repatriate in Thailand or anywhere else... (medical plane cost 30 000 USD go and back bangkok).