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balloon over bagan

Flying above Bagan in hot air Balloon : An unforgettable memory!!!

photo de Bagan depuis ballon à air chaud, Myanmar

Some photos to show you this wonderful moment.

What of more exciting than flying above the majestic site of Bagan in a hot air balloon!!!
The flight last around 45 minutes, and you will fly above the 4 000 pagodas of the plain of Bagan while enjoying the extraordinary serenity of Bagan during the sunrise
Winds are never stronger than 20 Km/hs.
A toast of champagne will wait you at the arrival to celebrate your flight in hot air balloonl.

The company will be able to operate five balloons at any one time. It will also be possible to have an afternoon flight for sunset (will be consider by the company) with a minimum of 6 persons.

There is now there company flying hot air balloon above Bagan :

- Far East (the oldest one) - Balloon Over Bagan - BOB - with 12 hot balloons
- Oriental Ballonning, with 5 hot balloons
- Golden Eagle, the new one operating since December 2014 with 2 hot balloons.

Flying date

For the threecompany, the flying dates are more or less the same.
Every year, the hot air ballooning stops from 1st of April to 1st of October, for all compagnies (sometimes they may try to extend until the 10th of April, but usually it is too hot for flying).

Booking : Even with 19 hot air balloon flying in Bagan , it is very difficult to get a seat in December and January, especially during the period between Christmass and New Year.
If you are planning to take a balloon flight above Bagan in November, December and January, it is really recommended to book a long time in advance.

How to book :
Send us an email with your name, weight, passport number and the date you wish to take the balloon. Remember that the bus from the hot air balloon company is coming to pickp you up around 5h or 5h30, so you CANNOT take a balloon flight is you arriving in Bagan with a night bus.
YOu need to be at an hotel.
If you know it, give us also the name of your hotel (for the hotels, Ananda travel has usually better prices than famous online booking site, feel free to ask us).
Balloon Over Bagan Oriental& Golden Eagle

Public fare & Ananda travels Yangon

- Public price: 410 USD + 10 USD during peak season (xmas)

- Ananda price: 320 USD OR 330 USD for normal service

Public fare & Ananda travels yangon

- Public price: 410 USD

- Ananda prices: 320 USD or 330 USD (for premiun service at Golden Eagle please contact us by email)

Peak Season Prices

All compagnies are increasing their flight prices by 10 USD for the period between Christmas and New Year.

If you want to fly between Christmass and New Year, you must book a long time in advance.

New Premium Service

Balloon over Bagan is introducing a "premium service" +60 USD / per flight on fares above.

- Small more intimate balloon : 8 pax only and only 2 people per compartment.
- Separate launch and breakfast area.
- Free USB key with photographs of the flight.
- Pre launch interactive tour of the ballon during inflation from the pilot.
- Premium service will operate only during November, December, January, February.


balloon over bagan

Security (infos provide by the ballon company) - same for both company

- The balloon has been constructed by the world leader of the hot air balloon. The pilots and technicians are English and the flight certifications is English. The passengers are assured for 2 milions of dollars.- This is for Balloon Over Bagan company (BOB)

- It is better to wear natural fiber clothes, try to avoid synthetic clothes.
- Pregnant woman can not fly.
- Child below 8 years old can not fly.
- Child below 16 years old can fly only if accompagnied by an adult.
- The bus of the company will pick you up at your hotel between 5h30 and 6h00 (AM)
- The overall experience last 2h30 to 3h00 (balloon preparation, flight, champagne breakfast).
- If the captain has to cancel the flight at the last minute for weather or security reason, your ticket will be refund.
- Any passenger in excess of 125 kg or requires 2 passengers seats in the basket will have to pay two tickets.