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Petit Futé

village iles mergui birmanie

Pictures of previous cruise in the the Mergui archipelago in Myanmar.

mangrove ile mergui birmanie
Virgin mangrove in a reote island

snorkling mergui birmanie
Snockling in a perfect sea.

kayak de mer dans les iles mergui

Sea Kayak between virgin island. It is also
the opportunity to met the Moken, the "sea gipsy",
a local ethnic group which is living on boat.

This is the boat you will use to travel in the Mergui archipelago.
Up to five people can stay on board.
It is not a luxury boat but everything is on board, sea kayak, tent, food, security etc....
A great way to travel from one island to the other one.

bateau ile mergui birmanie

piton rocher dans les iles mergui birmanie

The wildlife is unspoiled, and you will be
alone to discover yourself the island of
your choice, no other people to disturb you...

plage kayak ile mergui birmanie

Your island, you beach for you alone.... you have a choice of 1 000 islands....