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Sea cruise between Sittwe and Ngapali (Tangot harbor) in 1 or 2 days.

Travelling between Sittwe and Ngapali (Tangot harbor)

It is possible to travel from Sittwe to Ngapali (Tangot harbod) by boat, it a nice alternative to the plane or even to the car (it is possible to travel by car from Mrauk U to Ngapali but it is very costly, need special authorization and the road is bad...really bad).
Ce boat connection is cheap, but you need to be aware of some important informations :

- From Ngapali side (Tangot harbor), boats arrive or depart late evening or very early morning and the harbor is located 3 hours drive
from Ngapali. It means you have to leave very early morning Ngapali to catch the boat, and/or you will arrive to Ngapali late evening at
your hotel

- The car connection is quite expensive between Ngapali and the harbor of Tangot.

- Boats do not operate every day, so you need to get specific information before planning your trip.

Two kinds of boat.

- There is "fast" boad, which belongs to Malhika company (it is a private company), it takes 7 to 10 hours to reach Ngapali from Sittwe, depending on the tide and the weather. Boat (cf photograph below) looks like a tube, you can walk outside, you almost can not see outside.... not a very funny feeling after 10 hours....

- A slow boat (either private or public, cf picture below). The private and the public boat do not operate the same day, so it gives you better flexibility. The boat is slow, very slow, it takes 2 days one night to reach Ngapali (Tangot).
The boat stop at Kyaukphyu island for the night, BUT you can not disembark to visit the island.

Warning : You have to understand that this is a very local boat, it is very funny, good feeling, but it is not confortable at all. You may get a "cabine", there is no shower, toilets are very very simple, only a very small "restaurant" (local street food where you can get some tea, coffee and local noodlles soup).
If you take this boat, carry with you some mosquito repellent..., water, something to read, some fresh fruits....
Personnally, I prefer 10 times travelling on this boat than on the fast boat.

Photographs of the "fast" Malhika boat - 1 day cruise between Sittwe and Tangot harbor(Ngapali)

Outside view of the Malhika fast boat.

Outside view of the Malhika fast boat.
Outside is only for lugage and cargo.

Inside the Malhika "fast" boat.

Photographs of the slow private boat

Slow boat departing from Sittwe to Ngapali




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