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Petit Futé

Day to day program for the festival of Phaung Daw oo Pagoda
at Inle Lake in 2006

Download PDF file for 2006 : Here

Sr. Date From Departure: Time To Remark 
1 22-Sep-06 Phaung Daw Oo 4:00 AM Opening Ceremony  
2 22-Sep-06 Phaung Daw Oo 7:00 AM Kyay Paw Khon Night Stop
3 23-Sep-06 Khay Paw Khon 8:00 AM Inn Dain Lunch
4 23-Sep-06 Inn Dain 2:30 PM Heya Ywa Ma Night Stop
5 24-Sep-06 Heya Ywa Ma - Heya Ywa Ma Night Stop
6 25-Sep-06 Heya Ywa Ma 7:00 AM Nga Phe Chaung Night Stop
7 26-Sep-06 Nga Phe Chaung 7:00 AM Kyay Sar Night Stop
8 27-Sep-06 Khay Sar 7:00 AM Pwe Sar Kone Lunch
9 27-Sep-06 Pwe Sar Kone 7:00 AM Lin Kin Night Stop
10 28-Sep-06 Lin Kin 7:00 AM Nyaung Shwe 3 Nights stop
11 29-Sep-06 Nyaung Shwe - Nyaung Shwe  -
12 30-Sep-06 Nyaung Shwe - Nyaung Shwe  -
13 01-Oct-06 Nyaung Shwe 7:00 AM Nam Thae Lunch
14 01-Oct-06 Nam Thea 1:00 PM Mine Thout Night Stop
15 02-Oct-06 Mine Thout 7:00 AM Tha Le Oo Night Stop
16 03-Oct-06 Tha Le Oo 7:00 AM Kay Lar Lunch
17 03-Oct-06 Kay Lar 2:30 PM Za Yat Kyee Night Stop
18 04-Oct-06 Za Yat Kyee 7:00 AM Pha Ya Pawik Lunch
19 04-Oct-06 Pha Ya Pawik 2:30 PM Nam Pan Night Stop
20 05-Oct-06 Nam Pan 7:00 AM Ma Kyee Sake Lunch
21 05-Oct-06 Ma Kyee Sake 2:00 PM Kyaing Kham Night Stop
22 06-Oct-06 Kyaing Kham 7:00 AM Mine Phyoe Night Stop
23 07-Oct-06 Mine Phyoe 7:00 AM Nyaung Taw Night Stop
24 08-Oct-06 Nyaung Taw 7:00 AM Inn Paw Khon Lunch
25 08-Oct-06 Inn Paw Khon 2:30 PM Ye Tha Night Stop
26 09-Oct-06 Ye Tha 8:00 AM Phaung Daw Oo Night Stop
The Best Sightseeing 28/09/2006 7:00 AM Lin Kin to Nyaung Shwe
Boat Race   28/09/2006 10:00 AM Nyaung Shwe
The Longest distance Procession 06/10/2006 7:00 AM Kyaing Kham to Mine Phyoe
Boat Race   09/10/2006 10:00 AM Phaung Daw Oo Monastery

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