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Day to day program for the festival of Phaung Daw oo Pagoda at Inle Lake in Octobre 2013

2013 :
Download (Acrobat PDF) 2013 Phaung daw Oo pagoda festival : Here

2014 : Here

1 5-oct.-13 Phaung Daw Oo 4:00 AM Opening Ceremony  
2 5-oct.-13 Phaung Daw Oo 7:00 AM Kyay Paw Khone Night stop
3 6-oct.-13 Kyay Paw Khone 8:00 AM Indein Lunch
4 6-oct.-13 Indein 2:30 AM Heya ywa ma 2 Nights
5 7-oct.-13 Heya ywa ma - Heya ywa ma 2Nights
6 8-oct.-13 Heya ywa ma 7:00 AM Nga Phe Chaung Night stop
7 9-oct.-13 Nga Phe Chaung 7:00 AM Kyay Sar Night stop
8 10-oct.-13 Kyay Sar 7:00 AM Pwe Sar Kone Lunch
9 10-oct.-13 Pwe Sar Kone 7:00 AM Lin Kin Night stop
10 11-oct.-13 Lin Kin 7:00 AM Nyaung Shwe 3 Nights
11 12-oct.-13 Nyaung Shwe - Nyaung Shwe 3 Nights
12 13-oct.-13 Nyaung Shwe - Nyaung Shwe 3 Nights
13 14-oct.-13 Nyaung Shwe 7:00 AM Nam Thae Lunch
14 14-oct.-13 Nam Thae 1:00 PM Mine thout Night stop
15 15-oct.-13 Mine Thout 7:00 AM Tha le Oo Night stop
16 16-oct.-13 Tha le Oo 7:00 AM Kay Lar Lunch
17 16-oct.-13 Kay Lar 2:30 PM Zayat Kyee Night stop
18 17-oct.-13 Za yat Kyee 7:00 AM Pha ya pawink Lunch
19 17-oct.-13 Pha Ya Pawk 2:30 PM Nam Pan Night stop
20 18-oct.-13 Nam Pan 7:00 AM Ma kyee Sake Lunch
21 18-oct.-13 Ma kyee Sake 2:00 PM Kyaing Kham Night stop
22 19-oct.-13 Kyaing Kham 7:00 AM Mine Phyoe Night stop
23 20-oct.-13 Mine Phyoe 7:00 AM Nyaung Taw Night stop
24 21-oct.-13 Nyaung Taw 7:00 AM Inn Paw Khone Lunch
25 21-oct.-13 Inn Paw Khone 2:30 PM Ye tha Night stop
26 22-oct.-13 Ye tha  8:00 AM Phaung Daw Oo Night stop
The Best sightseeing 11-oct.-13 7:00 AM Lin Kin to Nyaung Shwe
Boat race 11-oct.-13 10:00 AM Nyaung Shwe  
Longest Precession 19-oct.-13 7:00 AM Kyaing Kham to Mine Pyone
Boat race 22-oct.-13 10:00 AM Phaung Daw Oo Monastery

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