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Schedule and departure time for Delta Queen cruise in Myanmar (Burma)

Departure Tuesday from Yangon at 15.00, night on board
Arrival at Pathein Wednesday   08.30.
07-Sep-04 05-Oct-04 02-Nov-04 07-Dec-04
14-Sep-04 12-Oct-04 09-Nov-04 14-Dec-04
21-Sep-04 19-Oct-04 16-Nov-04 21-Dec-04
28-Sep-04 26-Oct-04 23-Nov-04 28-Dec-04
04-Jan-05 01-Feb-05 01-Mar-05 05-Apr-05
11-Jan-05 08-Feb-05 08-Mar-05 12-Apr-05
18-Jan-05 15-Feb-05 15-Mar-05 19-Apr-05
25-Jan-05 22-Feb-05 22-Mar-05 26-Apr-05
Departure from Yangon Thursday at 15.00, night on board.
Arrival at Pathein Friday at 08.30.
02-Sep-04 07-Oct-04 04-Nov-04 02-Dec-04
09-Sep-04 14-Oct-04 11-Nov-04 09-Dec-04
16-Sep-04 21-Oct-04 18-Nov-04 16-Dec-04
23-Sep-04 28-Oct-04 25-Nov-04 23-Dec-04
30-Sep-04 30-Dec-04
06-Jan-05 03-Feb-05 03-Mar-05 07-Apr-05
13-Jan-05 10-Feb-05 10-Mar-05 14-Apr-05
20-Jan-05 17-Feb-05 17-Mar-05 21-Apr-05
27-Jan-05 24-Feb-05 24-Mar-05 28-Apr-05
Departure from Yangon Saturday at 15.00, night on board.
Arrival at Pathein Sunday at 08.30.
04-Sep-04 02-Oct-04 06-Nov-04 04-Dec-04
11-Sep-04 09-Oct-04 13-Nov-04 11-Dec-04
18-Sep-04 16-Oct-04 20-Nov-04 18-Dec-04
25-Sep-04 23-Oct-04 27-Nov-04 25-Dec-04
01-Jan-05 05-Feb-05 05-Mar-05 02-Apr-05
08-Jan-05 12-Feb-05 12-Mar-05 09-Apr-05
15-Jan-05 19-Feb-05 19-Mar-05 16-Apr-05
22-Jan-05 26-Feb-05 26-Mar-05 23-Apr-05
29-Jan-05     30-Apr-05


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