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Petit Futé

Photograph of the main electric plugs in Myanmar (Burma)

It is very easy to buy in Myanmar in a local supermarket an adaptor for electric plug.
Usually, it works for only one type of plug, so if you want to be on the safe side, you have to buy all types.... Better to buy an "universal" adaptor before coming in Myanmar.
Try to find one with surge protection and fuse (surges are very common in Myanmar... after power cut which are even more common...)

Very interesting website where you can find any adaptor (for Myanmar trip or other trip) :

electric plug myanmar
Very common plug, accept both rond and flat plug.
Often you will find also only the flat plug type (more
often than the rond one). Very common in hotels.

electric plug myanmar
Uncommon in hotels, usually for big things such as
fridge, etc....

electric plug myanmar
Quite common in hotels, probably the most common
with the flat one (above). If you buy an adaptor
you must have this plug on it.
electric plug myanmar
Chinese plug quite common, especially in private house
or in Mandalay area even in hotels.

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