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Some Festivals in Myanmar (Burma) for 2007

(for 2006 : Here)

Updated : 7-March- 2007

Ananda Pagoda Festival
  Bagan 07.01.07 28.01.07 Bowls of alms filled with crops are offered to Buddhist
monks who all wait in a long line.Pilgrimage and holiday
outcoming on country oxcarts can be seen.
Naga New Year


06.01.07 Gayals are slaughtered in sacrifice follow by singing,dan-
cing and drinking local alcoholic beverages through the
whole night by the huge bonfire.
Kyaik Khauk Pagoda Festival
  Siriam 06.03.07 14.03.07 Maintaining the heritage of donating drinking water to all
by descendants of the first donor family is amazing.
Mahamuni Pagoda Festival
  Mahamuni Mandalay 18.01.07 25.01.07 Incense are burnt in large flame in symbolic of offering
heat to the great image.
Inndaw Gyi Pagoda Festival
  Inndaw Gyi 15.02.07 18.02.07 Ceremony sponsored by Kachin Buddhist.
Pindaya Cave Festival
  Pindaya 25.02.07 07.03.07 Typical Taung Yoe Pagoda festival.Different ethnic minor-
ities can be seen.
Nam Pan Ceremony
  Inle Lake 02.03.07 02.03.07
The sight of numerous monks who come in boats to re-
ceive food offering is striking view.
Bo Bo Gyi Nat Festival
  Monywa 10.03.07 17.03.07 Bo Bo Gyi is belived to have mastered high level alchemi-
cal practices and to have expired to become nat.
Shwe Maw Daw Pagoda Festival
  Bago 31.03.07 15.04.07 Very famous festival in Myanmar. Theatrical artists perform on stage with full force to show their counterparts to win future performance contracts.
Water Festival
  All over the country 13.04.07 17.04.07 The festival is held prior to MyanmarBuddhist New Year in order to
cleanse away evil deeds of the past year with water.
Huge water figthing all over the country during 4 jours. Very funny for everybody. The major festival in Myanmar.
Shithoung Pagoda Festival
  Mrauk U 04.05.07 07.05.07 Dummy Boat race on land,real boat race and water spla-
shing in Mrauk U canal on full moon day.Tradional Wrest-
ling competition are held at the foot of the Pagoda.
Dhanu Tar Pwe
  Pindaya 01.01.07 04.01.07 Single Dhannu throw roasted lablab beans at one another
in a show of love.
Wicker ball ceremony
  Mandalay Mahamuni 23.05.07 20.06.07 Traditional wricker ball players from all over the country par-
ticipate in the month long contest that tradition has going
on over 70 years.This is the best event to watch Myanmar
tradional Chin Lone(cane ball)playing match.
Waso Full Moon Festival
  All over the country 29.07.07 29.07.07 The day Buddha preached his first sermon is commem-
orated .Monks are confined to the monastery by Buddh-
ist code of conduct during the 3 months long Buddhist lent.
Shwe Kyun Pin Nat Pwe
  Mingun 14.08.07 21.08.07 Myanmar's last barter market where natives trade by ex-
change of commodities while celebrating spirit dance.
Taung Byone Nat Pwe
  Mandalay 21.08.07 28.08.07 Held for worshipping two very important spiritual figures.
Major gathering spot for spiritual mediums.
Yadanagu Nat Pwe
  Amrapura 19.09.07 26.09.07 Known as mother Taung Byone festival.Most enjoyable
because of the rowing boat trip to the site.Spirit dance is
Bo Min Khan Memorial
  Mount Popa 09.09.07 15.09.07 Bo Min Khan is remembered for his higher attainment in
mediation practice.
Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival
  Inle Lake 12.10.07 29.10.07 Four Buddha images are ceremoniously tugged clockwise
around the lake on the royal barge by leg-rowing boats.
Leg-rowing boat races are held throughout the event.

Download festival program and details : Here
Kyauktaw Gyi Pagoda Festival
  Mandalay 27.10.07 09.11.07 The image was cast out of a single piece of a labster in 1864 under the guidance of King Mindon.
Dummy Elephant Festival
  Kyaukse 03.11.07 09.11.07 Numerous life-size paper dummy elephants sing and dan-
ce to the accompaniment of music.
Thadingyut Festival of light
  All over the country 25.10.07 27.10.07 To mark the day Lord Buddha came down from the Cele-
stial Abode after spending three months of Buddhist len
there.Buddha's return is remembered and commemorated
through out the country woth colourful illumination.
Indein Pagoda festival
  Inle Lake 02.11.07 05.11.07 Buddhist ceremony and traditional festival at this old pagodas site on the shore of the Inle Lake.
Shwezigon Pagoda Festival
  Bagan 16.11.07 24.11.07 Candle lights and fireworks are carried in procession be-
fore offering to the pagoda.
Balloon Flying Festival
  Taungyi 16.11.07 25.11.07 Hot-aired balloons are released day and night competing
over their beauty and altitude they gain.Day time flying is
meant for competition of animal figures and night time is
for beautiful fireworks.
Robe Weaving Contest
  All over the country 10.12.07 11.12.07 Groups of young women take part of competitions held
on the platforms of the pagodas.The robe is to be finished
flawlessly overnight and offered at dawn to the Buddha
images around the pagodas.
Phoe Win Taung Cave Ceremony
  Monywa 16.11.07 25.11.07 The one and only market where leaves,fruits,roots,thorns,
tumbers,stems of any herbal value from the western wild-
erness of Chindwin river are sold on a large scale.
Candle Light Event - Swhedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon pagoda

23.11.07 25.11.07 On fullmoon day number total 9999 candles are ceremo-
niously at midnight .Visitors are served with mixed salad
of Maezali buds,believed to possess powerful,magical
and medicinal properties if eaten at this time.
Kaung Mu Daw Pagoda Festival
  Sagaing 22.10.07 05.11.07 The best spot to watch Myanmar Puppet.Pilgrimge and
holiday outings on country oxcarts can be seen.
Kakku pagoda festival
  Taungyi - Kakku 28-02-07 02.03.07 Pao festival at the superbe site of Kakku.
New rive festival
  Kayingtong 31.12.07 04.01.08 Dances and traditional competition.
Mont Popa festival
  Mont Popa 23.12.07 24.12.07 Thousands of people come to see the "nats" festival. Very popular in Myanmar.

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