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Petit Futé

Chaung Tha beach in Myanmar

The visitors of the Myanmar often forget that Myanmar has 3 000 km virgin coasts liney. Take advantage of it, as it is still very far from the atmosphere in Thailand.

Chaung Tha is the beach where raditionally the Burmese people of Yangon goes. A few years ago, it was a true expedition, 3 river to croos by ferry (when it was there), it was at least a full day journey.
Now the bridges have been biult, it is possible to go in 4 or 5 hours from Yangon.
Chaung Tha has changed, it is not anymore the empty beach with a few small local hotels, but an animate beach, with always a lot of Burmese people.

A good trick, choose a hotel on the beach, It is really nicer.

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Max hotel

Category: A good 3 stars hotel - Speciale ANANDA TRAVEL YANGON Offer
The Max Hotel is far from the small wood hotels that we used to find in Chaung Tha, but the quality is also many times better. The rooms are very spacious, some have direct access on the beach and each villa gets 2 rooms only..
The hotel is perfectly equipped (swimming pool, jet ski..), it is not a Robinson hotel, but it is the best of Chaung Tha.