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Choose your hotel at Kalaw ? Burma - Myanmar

You have a wide range of hotel in Kalaw, from the small guest house to the small charming luxury hotel of 6 rooms only like the Amara (very nice but expensive).

Kalaw is a good place to start treks in the area, and between Kalaw and Inle, it is becoming more and more popular, and somes days in winter, we start to think there is a little to much people on the trekking route.

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Hill Top Villa Hotel

Category : Charming hotel (3/4 stars)
The best hotel of Kalaw, located at the top of a hill overhanging Kalaw, all bungalows are turned toward the sunset (bedroom with terrace). All the bedroom have a fireplace (elevation 1300 Meter, it is cold in winter). Very good hotel.

Nature Land

Category : 2 stars, charming nice hotel with a beautiful garden.
The Nature land is located in a very quiet area at the entrance of Kalaw, the garden surrounding the hotel is really nice, most of the rooms (except the superior) are bungalow, quite big (or even very big like small house). The place is charming, restaurant (average but you can order food anyway), place often full (try to avoid the superior, not very good).
We recommend it.

nature land kalaw

Golden Lilly Guest house

Category :guest house
Entrance of Kalaw, along the same road than the Sein hotel (turn right in front of the sein hotel). Very nice guest house, price quite cheap, room very confortable for the price, always full.

golden lilly kalaw

Dream villa hôtel

Category : 2 star
Small very nice hotel at Kalaw, far enough of the main street to be very quiet, some rooms have a small balcony. It is a very good choice for a 2 stars hotel. A little too expensive for the quality of the room.

Amara resort hotel

Category : 2 Stars - very charming place
A very nice small house in a big garden in Kalaw. Only 4 rooms for this small but very charming hotel. A very friendly and cosy place in Kalaw. A very very good choice and our favourite place in Kalaw.

Amara hotel Kalaw

Sein hôtel

Category : 2 stars
Modern hotel, everything works, everything is new, you have all what you king expect in this kind of new, chinese (modern) style hotel.
Confortable, but really not fun, stainless balcony, green pistachio colour walls.....not very expensive for the quality
It could be a good hotel, but in Kalaw, you can get something really more charming.

sein hotel kalaw

Winner hôtel

Category : 2 stars
Located on the main street of Kalaw, the Winner hotel is a good 2 stars hotel with very large rooms, quiet in spite of its proximity of the street. Nice view from the last floor for breakfast time. Very good choice in Kalaw.

Honey Pine hôtel

Category : 2 stars
Small new modern hotel at the entrance of Kalaw, all the walls are decorated with pine woord (common around kalaw).
Rooms are really clean and confortable. Perfect, nothing to say.
Prices are good compare to want you can get in some old hotels....
It is a good small hotel. No problem.

sein hotel kalaw

Pine Hill hotel

Category : very good 2 stars
A very good hotel in Kalaw, style is different than the Amara but it is a good hotel. Rooms are big, hotel is quiet and the garden (backside with rooms bungalow) is nice. A very good choice in Kalaw.

Pine hill hotel kalaw

Parami hotel

Category : 1 star
Recently renovated for the best room (main buiilding), you have hot water, clean room for a very affordable price. A good choice in that category. Rooms are not too small and they are clean. Standards rooms are smaller and less good than the rooms in the main building.

Parami hotel kalaw