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Choose and book your hotel in Mandalay in Myanmar - Burma ?

News and coming 2013-2014 seasons

Hotels rooms prices have already increased a lot in Mandalay and the trend continue for 2013-2014. The main reasons is the lack of rooms, so prices are up, quite a lot and are much more higher than Thailand for a lower quality.

Real four stars hotels like Sedona or Mandalay (good hotels) are really expensive compare to Thailand, but they are also always full... So.

Many news small hotels are currently under construction. Most of them (all !) are only moderne "tower" without any charm, no garden etc.... Rooms will be new, probably confortable (if away from a main road), prices hight, but at least rooms will be more available.

Booking situation : As everywhere in Myanmar, it is extremely difficult to get a room, especially if you want a specific hotel, in November, December, February. Book if possible more than 6 month ahead.

Hotel localization : In Mandalay, most hotels (all) are far from everything, so it does not matter if you are not down town (there is no down town in Mandalay) and most of the time, you will have close to your hotel very local food, very simple or you will need a taxi if you want to go to a specific place.

Weather : Mandalay is a very hot, dry and dusty city. In March, April and May, it is advisable to get a good hotel with air con and electricity (generator). A swimming pool is a nice plus.

2013 Sea Games : Myanmar will host the South Asean games from 12 to 22 December 2013. Mandalay is one of the cities where the governement will take rooms or hotels to host participants.
It is going extremely difficult to get a room.

Rupar Malar hotel

Category : 4 stars charming boutique hotel.
Brand new (2006) 4 stars hotel in Mandalay. Very well decorated, superbe spa and suite, it is by far the most charming hotel in this category in Mandalay. A little far from the city, but it is a very good small 4*** star hotel, restaurant is excellent.
The hotel has only 10 deluxe rooms and 3 huge familly suite (with 3 bedrooms), you may feel alone ..... (only 10 room) but service, restaurant and rooms are really good.

rupar malar hotel mandalay myanmar

Mandalay hill resort

Category : 4 star
Probably the hotel that offers the most in Mandalay with the Sedona. A pity that it wastes a little the landscape on the hill of Mandalay, from the hotel the view is very nice. A little far from the city, you must get a taxicab. The comfort of a modern international 4**** stars hotel. Superior rooms have a little small bathroom, better to take the deluxe room with the pagoda view. Good buffet diner (outside) in winter. It is a very good choice.

Shwe Pyi Thar

Categoy : 4 star
New hotel located just behind the Rupar Mandalar (so outside down town Mandalay). It is a big new hotel, with some villas and a main building. The Shwe Pyi Thar hotel is brand new (2012), confortable (gym, swimming pool, spa...). Shwe in Myanmar means gold and there is a lot of "gold" or "golden plastic" everywhere... quite strand design. It is quite expensive (range of Sedona and Mandalay hill), but it is confortable, a 4 stars hotel, there is not so much in Mandalay..

shwe pyi thar hotel mandalay

Shwe Thaung Tar

Category : 3 stars
Brand new hotel open in October 2012, located in the same street than the Emerald Land Inn (only 100 m away). The hotel is not really in the center of Mandalay, but in Mandalay, it is not a big deal as there is nothing special in the city center (and there is no real city center). Hotel is new, moderne with a real swimming pool much more better than Mandalay City or Emerald Land hotel. Rooms are well decorated (local style) much more better than same category hotel in Mandalay. It is an excellent choice. There is only 14 rooms (small hotel) and at November 2012 there is no restaurant (Yet).
You need to taxe a taxi if you want a restaurant, this is the only "problem" with this hotel.
A very welcome arrival in Mandalay hotel scene.

Mandalay Swan

Category : 3 star
A good 3 star hotel . Swimming pool, quiet , could be a very good hotel but rooms need a very fresh paint and cleaning. Some rooms have been renovated, some not. It could be a very good hotel in this category, a lot of group, check the rooms (renovated or not) before check in.

Mandalay City Hotel

Category : 2 - 3 star
A new hotel in Mandalay (opening October 2004) and a strong competitor for the Swan. Very clean room, nice, very friendly staff, bigger room than at the Swan. The hotel is more quiet than the Swan and the deluxe rooms (modern) very good. Try to avoid some superior rooms near the generator (as in all the small hotels).

Ayarwaddy river view Hotel

Category : 2 - 3 star
A new hotel in Mandalay (opening July 2011), everything is new, free wifi in the hotels, rooms are quite big and clean, quiet air con etc.... The hotel is located not so far from the river, it is not a big problem in Mandalay (nothing special downtown), view on the river from the roof top restaurant is superb, prices are good (not cheap but very competitive with Mandalay city, Emerald Land and Swan). River Bank could be quite noisy early morning (local life) but it is an hotel that we recommend.

Kyi Tin

Catégorie : 3 stars
The Kyi Tin is located in the centre of Mandalay, beside a very busy and noisy street. The hotel enjoys a very big compound and is composed of two parts. One part is the main "purple" building, beside the road, the other part are the bungalow located inside the compound.
At May 2013, the situation is quite a disappointement. The main building is not finished, choise of colour, lighting in the room, decoration is quite "sad", rooms on the street are quite noisy.
The chalet, made in used wood (seems to be second hand), are close to the generator, style is...more than average. Could be very nice as there is a big garden in front of the bungalow.

hotel kyi tin mandalay

Emperor hôtel

Category : 2 stars
The Emperor hotel is a small hotel, perfectly located close to many small restaurants, Sedona hotel, Royal Palace and the road is very quiet. Rooms are small (mainly the standard, Deluxe are bigger), quiet, staff is very friendly, overall ambiance is very good.
The Emperor hotel is oftern fully booked (a good sign), price is reasonnable (considering the huge price increase in Myanmar), it is clean, not moderne style, well located.
Clearly, a very good choice.

hotel emperor mandalay

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