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Chin state - choose your hotel in Mindat - Myanmar

mindat chin state mindat
(Mindat view from Lukse Village around 6 Am)

Before coming to Mindat, we recommend that you read our web page about trekking and visit in south Chin State: (Kampellet Mindat) : Here

Short summary

- Acces to south Chin state is only possible via Pakkhoku during dry season (octobre to April). During rainy season, it is dangerous/impossible to cross some rivers which do not have bridges

- All year round access is possible via Kampellet. Anyway, we do not recommend coming during the rainy season (monsoon) even in Kampellet. It rains 6 m in 5 month..... even if you have bridges on the road via Kampellet, flooding or landslides are common.

- It is possible to do some day trek or even trek up to 2 night stops in Chin village. You MUST be aware that accomodation in Chin Village is totally minimal (sleeping on the floor, no bathrom except water in the garden...)

- During winter time, it is very cold in Chin Hills (elevation 2 000 to 3000 m). Accomodations are very simple, not hot water even in hotels (cf below).

- No internet or wifi in Mindat area.

We know this region very well. We have been organizing treks in this area since very long time and we come every 3 months for community project we have around Mindat.

Hotels :

During years, you had only the Victori GH (and somes army GH).
In 2013, we have now 2 more guest houses and an hotel (the Oasis)

Bathroom in the hotels in Mindat.

The Oasis hotel at the entrance of Mindat is so far (2013) the only hotel where you can get hot water for the shower (if you request 45 minutes in advance). You have to know that all other hotels do not have hot water, even when it is 2 C° outside.....

Bathroom and toilets are always outside your bedroom (excepté Oasis hotel), and usually this is very very simple. One bucket of cold water on a ciment floor. DO NOT EXPECT anything else.

If hot water, modern bathroom etc... are important or mandatory for you, do not come in Mindat (2013), everything is very very simple there.


Mindat city is built along the edge of the mountain. There is not a real down town, but you may consider the Victoria GH and the market as the center of the city.
In front of the Victori GH you have a restaurant that was during a very long period the only restaurant in town.

Speciale autorization . Since March 2013, you do not need a special permit to go in Mindat and you do not need any more a licensed guide to come.
For Matupi and Kalewa, or for the north Chin, you still need a special permit.

For your visit around Mindat, you should (must) take a local guide, otherwise you will totally miss the interesting things to visit.

land rover river pauk ( One good reason not to go in Chin state during the monsoon.... even at the end of September like on this photograph.
The river before Pauk- but it is not the only one- does not have a bridge so when it starts to rain a lot, or if the water if too high, you can try with your land rover and above 1m deep, better to take a boat....)

jeep mindat route river crossing
(Mindat Pauk road in September)

Victoria guest house

Category :Guest house
The oldest guest house in Mindat located near the central market and close to the restaurant of Mindat. Victoria guest has been renovated recently (mostly the bathroom part but it is stills very very basic). Still no hot water. Rooms are upstair, it is clean, cold in winter (like everywhere in Mindat) and walls very very thin....Anyway it is a correct place to stay.

victoria gh

Tun guest house

Category : guest house
New small guest house open in 2013. Located 2 minute by car from the market, 10 minutes walk. Clearly this is the best guest house in Mindat (so far). Rooms are clean but small, except the triple bed room, bathroom is outside (like everywhere) but you get real concrete wall (warmer and less noisier), area is very quiet and probably less windy than houses and guesthouses located at the top of Mindat.
We strongly recommend it.

tun guest house

Mopi guest house

Category : guest house
Located at the entrance of Mindat along the main road. Soon will be added a restaurant near the GH also along the road. You are little far from down town and the market, so it is better they built a new place for eating. Rooms are smalls, walls really thin and you are directly along the road.... will be a bit noisy even if you do not have so much traffic. Prices are little hight compare to the others guest houses in Mindat. Rooms clean. Bathroom outside.

mopi gh mindant myanmar

Oasis hotel

Category : 2 stars
The Oasis hotel is located at the entrance of Mindat, 10 minutes drive from down town and the central market, too far to walk (it is climbing a lot). The compound around the hotel is big, very nice, with a beautiful pine wood forest. View from the rooms is superb. The Oasis hotel has only few bungalow, very confortable, bathroom attached and hot water (if you advice the hotel 45 minutes in advance). The best place in Mindat (far from downtwon), but really expensive.