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Hotels at Ngwe Saung's beach in Myanmar (Burma)

There is actually 19 hotels or spot for hotel (some are not built yet) along the first 4.5 miles. The governement is planning to open 19 additional hotels on the remaining 4.5 miles. We have to say that it is almost impossible to see the hotels from the beach.
They are very well hidden below the trees.

Until now, you have only few 4 stars (good hotels) : Bay of Bengal, Aureum, Treasure, Palm Beach and Sunny Paradise-Ocean Paradise.
The nicest part for the beach is south of Treasure and Palm beach (both are well located).
The northern part of the beach (Aureum, Sunny Paradise, Bay of Bengal) is less green, less friendly than the southern part of the village.

Reaching New Saung.

Until today (may 2009) there is no other option than driving from Yangon. The road has been under constant renovation since many years and especially since Nargis cyclone but it is still a long drive 5 to 6 hours.
If we are lucky, may be the airport in Pathein wil have some direct flight to Yangon next year.

Ngwe Saung hotel map to download : Here

Sunny Paradise.

Category : 4 Stars
Located north of Ngwe Saung village (you need to turn right beofre the village). A good 4 stars hotel which has recently added new rooms and new buidling. Unfortunately it is not the best spot of Ngapali beach. Prices are very reasonnable, very often packed with local people, but can be very noisy if you come during Buddhist New Year.
Infos and pictures : Here

Le Palm Beach hotel

Category : 4 stars
Located on the left just after the entrance in the village. it is a very good luxury hotel with very nicely decorated rooms. Location is very good on the beach, more green, less people, globally much more relaxing in this part of the beach.

plam beach hotel ngwe saung birmanie

Treasure hotel

Category : 4 star
Loacated along the Palm beach hotel. it is a very good hotel, really bigger than the Palm Beach. The hotel provide diving equipment and you can rent a boat to dive fews kilometer away near a small island. Location is good, beach is nice in this part (better than the northen part of Ngwe Saung)
Pictures and information about diving at Ngwe Saung : Here


Rank : 4 stars
Four stars hotel located near the Sunny Paradise on the northern part of the beach (north of the village). The hotel compound is very big, a lot of space between the bungalows. A very good 4**** hotel, huge swimming pool, good room, the only "bad" point is the location north of the beach, it is not the best place but at least the compound looks better than some other hotels in this part.
A very good (and big) hotel.

aureum hotel à ngwe saung birmanie


Rank : 2 stars
small hotel south of the Palm beach hotel, one part of the hotel is still under construction. There is an open air restaurant nearby, very correct for a drink in the evening, quality of the rooms varies a lot, you should double check before you stay at this hotel if everything work (and when can you get electricity).
Service is average, if you get a (very) good price, you may want to stay but do not expect too much.

hotel amro ngwe saung

Central hotel

Category : 2 stars.
Located at the south of the beach of Ngwe Saung (it is until now the last hotel) but physical it is between the two big beaches of Ngwe Saung (that's why "Central Name"). The hotel is probably located at the best spot but the quality of the service isy low. The hotel now belongs to Treasure groups, rooms have been upgraded (a lot), problem is still with the local manangement. Cheaper than the other hotels, very good localisation, average service.