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Hotels and guest houses price information in Myanmar - Situation of hotels in Myanmar.

Since 012/2013 tourist seaon, hotels ratesin Burma (Myanmar) have tremendously increased and you can not compare any more with previous year prices.
Rates often doubled or tripled for 2012-2013
and many new hotels will double their rates for the year 2013/2014.

Hotels are becoming very very expensive, especially considering the level and quality of service which is not improved. Moreover, many hotels harden their cancellation policy.

Hotels rating.

Government has now established an hotel rating from Guest house to 5 stars hotels.

Some rought ideas for hotels prices in 2013-2014

- Real four starts and 5 stars hotels are all above 200 USD per night per room, sometimes much more higher (especially at Nagpali)
- Three stars hotels are above 100 USD per night (up to 160 USD/170 USD per night)
- At Inle, hotels on pile (on the lake) even simple ones are often above or near 100 USD per night (you can find very simple room around 50/60 USD)
- Two stars hotels at Yangon, Mandalay, Inle between 50 and 100 USD
- Ngapali hotels are becoming extremely expensive, even for the smallest one. Nice hotels range from 200 USD to 500 USD, and they apply peak season prices.

- Hotels which charge "only " 25 to 40 USD per nigh are usually very very simple hotels with a 10-15-20 USD prices some years ago....

- You can find some guest houses at reasonnable prices+-15 USD, but it is becoming extremely difficult.

For any people travelling in Myanmar, do not compare with Laos, Thailand, Indonesia. It is more expensive in Myanmar (for a lower service) and you have to book very long in advance

booking 2013-2014

As every years now, booking during the dry seasons are very difficult up to 6 month in advance, especially in you like to get a "famous' or "charming" hotel (like Inle Princess, Governors, Strand etc...)

For the peak season, even very simple hotels are fully booked long in advance.
Worst period :

- November.
- Xmas -10 January
- February.

Special note for December 2013 : Myanmar is hosting the ASEAN game in Nay Pyi Taw Mandalay Ngwe saung from 8 to 22 December. Government has already booked rooms and requisitionned hotels.
It is going to be extremely difficult to get a room in December. Try to avoid if you can.

Xmas and New Year diner

You need to know that most (all) four and five stars hotels charge a mandatory Xmas and New Year Eve diner.

Booking / working with a local travel agent.

When a local travel agency (like us) will propose you an hotel room (base on your preference, requirement, etc...), the travel agent is not sure in advance if the rooms is free or not.
Hotels stop to answer quickly to (too) many travels agents request, so to know the real situation, you need a formal booking.

If the hotels/room is on waiting list or fully booked, the travel agent will propose you other rooms/hotels in order to find you a room.

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