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Choose your hotel at Sittwe and Mrauk-U in Myanmar (Burma)

Choice is very limited in Sittwe Mrauk U.

For Sittwe, you have only two small downtown hotel (it is ok for one night only) and a big hotel previously managed by the governement quite far for the City.
In Mrauk U, the situation was always better with some good choice (Vesali or Nawarrat hotel) and now the opening of the very charming Mrauk U Princess.

Mrauk U Princess hotel

City : Mrauk U
Category : 3 -4 stars, charming
It is a real charming hotel as you deserve to find and stay in Mrauk U. Brand new (open late 2008),
managed and built by the Inle Princess team, it is a very good place to stay in Mrauk U.

mrauk u princess hotel

Sittwe Hotel

City : Sittwe
Category : 2 ou 3 stars.
Formerly a governemental hotel, now private. The Sittwe hotel is big, located along the beach quite far from the city. The compound is big, there is a swimming pool but the management is still like a governement hotel, it is really far away and the mood is not so fun.

Shwe Tha Zin Hotel

City : Sittwe
Category : 2 -3 stars.
Our favourite hotel for this kind of prices in Sittwe. Big or very big rooms (familly room), air con, bathroom... This hotel seems (to us) better than the Noble hotel for cheaper prices. Both are not charming hotels (very far) but clean and reliable ones. Could be noisy (as the Noble) if your room is near the generator.

Noble Hotel

City : Sittwe
Category : 2 - 3 stars.
A very correct hotel located not so far from the Shwe Tha zin (same road). Rooms are clean (but small), bathrooms are clean. No problem with this hotel except may be a price little higher than the Shwe tha zin and smaller room.

noble hotel chambre

Mrauk-u Hotel

City : Mrauk-U
Category : 2-3 stars.
Perfectly located in the middle of the city and with a big (huge) garden. A good choice but not so cheap, not so funny also.

Mrauk-U à Mrauk-U

Nawarat Hotel à Mrauk-U

City : Mrauk-U
Category : 2-3 stars.
In front of the Mrak-U hotel but it does not have the huge garden. Rooms are very correct and clean (nothing funny...), may be a little cold feeling (like the Mrauk-U).

Nawarat hotel, Mrauk-U

Vesali hotel à Mrauk-U

City : Mrauk-U
Category : 2 stars
Located outside the city, the rooms are in small wood bungalow with a nice balcony and in front of a garden. Very nice staff, good restaurant and a much more better feeling than in the 2 other main hotels. Little noisy in the evening.

hotel vesali,  Mrauk U

Prince Guest house

City : Mrauk-U
Category : guest house.
A very nice green garden. it is a very small guesthouse (only 7 rooms) but the price is high considering the low (very low?) quality of the rooms. A very good choice if you can get a big discount and one of the 2 renovated room.

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Prince guesthouse, Mrauk-U