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Choose and book your hotel in Taungoo in Bago division (Myanmar - Burma)

Taungo is located on the road from Yangon to Mandalay (6-7 hours drive from Yangon, 4-5 hours from Bago). The road has been renovated in 2004 and is still in good condition but it is a long drive by the old road.
You can now go to Taungoo from Yangon by the new 8 lanes highway. You will save a lot of times (takes only 4h from Yangon) but you do not cross village, nothing, it is not an interessting road.

Taungoo is usually a one night stop on your way to Kalaw (and Inle) or to Mandalay.
If we are lucky, Taungoo could be soon the entrance point of the Kayen state (next year may be) or one day of the Kaya state (totally closed for onw).
Taungoo is also the base camp for visiting the elephant camp in the jungle and even to sleep one or 2 nights in the Karen village in the jungle (here)

The hotel choice used to be very poor in Taungoo, but since many months, new and clean hotels are built in Taungoo which is a very good news. In 2008, The Royal Kaythamudi has opened in Taungoo, it is a very good, 1st category (4 ****) hotel with swimming pool, restaurant( (not very good), very good room, huge coumpound, well located along the lake.

Royal Kaythamudi hotel

Category :4 star -1st category
The hotel is brand new. It has open in April 2008 and will expand next year. The location is really very good, along the lake, rooms are very confortable, suite are really big. The hotel is on a very big coumpound, very quiet, with a nice swimming pool, gym, spa, massage, restaurant, free internet access. There is no equivalent hotel in term of quality - price and services in Taungoo.

hotel royal kauthamudi taungoo

Amazing hotel

Category : 2 stars.
This hotel wants to be the best of Taungoo and proudly announce it.... It's clean, moderne, quite expensive and you can get as good, or better for a cheaper price. By the way, it is noisy.

Myanmar beauty hotel

Category : 1 star (but very charming place)
It is 3 small wood building in a very quiet area of Taungoo, near rice fields and forest. It is clean, well decorated, very charming and the staff is very very gentle.
Our favourite place in Taungoo, very friendly atmosphere, very charming (but it is true that if you come during the very hot month of April or May, you will probably more appreciate the air con and swimming pool of the Royal Kaythamudi).

myanmar beauty hotel in taungoo myanmar burma

Myanma Thiri Hotel

Category : 2 stars.
The hotel formely belongs to the governement. Now it is a private hotel. From the governement time, the hotel still have a huge coumpound, with big rooms. They are building a lot of extension, swimming pool. Let see in the future.

Lucky baby Hotel

Catégorie : 1 star
Brand new hotel in Taungoo (opening march 2004). It is a very good surprise. The hotel is small (7 rooms) but in a quiet quarter, with clean room and bathroom and a price half of the Amazing hotel (rooms are basically the same). We recommend it..