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Meditation courses in Burma (Myanmar)

Meditation pratice in Burma

The meditation is a mental exercise practiced by a vast majority of Burmese people.
The Burma has a predominant place in the teachings of the meditation and especially the Vipassana meditation (cf our pages Vipassana and Buddhist meditation ).

We recommend you to read our pages dedicated to Vipassana meditation and especially the rules you have to follow in a meditation center.

Use our contact form or our email to book your meditation center.

Meditation Inititation : 3 - 4 days

- It is possible to get a initiation to Vipassana meditation in a monastery for a relatively short period of 3 to 4 days. (usually 10 days). It depens of the vacancy.(but you can still go to our program in the forest Monastery at Bago)

- It is quite easy to organise during your trip in Myanmar some initiation to meditation or Buddhism. Thank you to specify it when you send us an email or our feed back form.

- If you whish we can easily organise a longer stay in amonastery.

SN Goenka Vipassana Méditation Centre : 10 days

SN Goenka Vipassana meditations centers are widely-known in Burma, as the first center was created in Myanmar.

Bookings in SN Goenka's centers s are easy to make on Internet , even for the Burma.
We advice you to connect you directly on the following site : Dhamma.org.
You will find all the seminary dates , the access conditons for Vipassanas centers all over the world.

Nevertheless, if you have a problem to organize your Vipassana meditation at Sn Goenka center, feel free to contact us,we will help you.