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Petit Futé

Mergui and the Mergui archipelago, south of Myanmar - Burma

City of Myiek (Mergui)

You do have white sand beach at Myeik, not at all.
Myeik is busy harbour and an important tradding place for fish, perle and all of things you can carry by boat from Thailand to Myanmar.
Myeik is the "gate" to the beautiful and almost untouched Mergui Archipelago (we organise cruise in the archipelago from 3 days to 7 days, starting at Myek and Kawthaung : Here).
Myeik is a very quite city, open, with (still) a lot of old wodden carved house. The city is more widespread than Dawei,
but less quiet and finally less pleasant than Dawei.

How you can go to Myeik ?

You have only 2 way to reach Myeik

- By plane , with Air Bagan (good ATR 42 plane) for the route : Yangon Dawei Sittwe Kawthaung. So you can either arrive to Myeik from Yangon, or Dawei, or Kawthaung (southern point of Myanmar, near Thai border).

- By boat from Dawei of Kawthaung.

It is strictly impossible to reach Myeik by car from Dawei or Yangon.

Hotels in Myeik.

Your choice is very very limited and prices realy high, especially considering the quality of the various hotels.
You have no hotel at the beach => there is no beach.

- The only correct hotel with good management and clean room is the Dolphin hotel. It is quite expensive but you have electricity 24 hours a day. They will renovate the room for the next season (small rooms but clean): Dolphin

- The other hotel, near the airport and a golf clud is more or less dirty, and noisy thanks to the Karaoke nearby. Rooms are big but the mood is not very good. Definitively not our choice.