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Petit Futé

Group of young samanera near Monywa for their alms collection.

Young samanera in a boot near Monywa
Group of young " samaneras " in the morning for the alms bol collection.
Every day, the Theravada Buddhistes monks must beg their foods by the laymen.
The monastic code (Vinaya)is very strict and clear. The monks can only eat the food that
they received as donation, they cannot cultivate or can buy food, they must not eat after noon
and for the monks respecting the ascetic rules (Dhutanga), they must only eat one time by
day (no breakfast). Alms bol collection permits tp the monk to detach himself from the
attachement, to be happy with what he gest and the donor gest merit..

Monywa - Myanmar (Burma) - Ananda Travel Yangon 2001