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Petit Futé

Sunset on the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon

pagode shwedagon à Yangon, Myanmar, Burma

Sunset at the Shwedagon pagoda complex in Yangon (Myanmar). The central part of the pagoda
is protected with bamboo. Almost every 3 years, the gold tackling is restored. The total weight of gold on
Shwedagon is estimated at 4.6 tons and the overhead parasol shelters has more than 5 000 diamond karats,
one diamond is 70 karats. It is preferable to visit the Shwedagon pagoda the morning or in the evening.
A guide is very useful. The Shwedagon pagoda complex
cover more than 4 hectares of land and its 2 500 years old.

Shwedagon pagoda - Yangon - Myanmar (Burma)
(photograph Ananda Travel 2001)