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Areas authorized for tourist travelling in Myanmar Burma.


All informations about travel security and authorization may change very quickly and even when you do have a permit, it can be cancel at any time.
If you are planning a trip in a "grey" area where you need a permit, it is advisable to contact us to know the current situation and to organise your journey with time to spare (in case of problem).

The informations belows represents the real, official situation. We are not assuming that you are willing to stay hours or days at a check point to find a solution to travel. Here, many things are possible but be careful. There is always somebody to tell you that it is possible, "sombedy did it " when? along long time did he spend ? security ? If you are coming in Myanmar for 2 or 3 weeks (or less), you certainely do not want to be stuck at a check point.

One of the problem about the authorized area is that most of the times, different Ministry in Myanmar have different information.
The Ministry of Home Affairs have cleared some areas that the Ministry of Tourism have not yet........

Crossing border by road (update August 2017)

Security situation is bad currently in North Shan and especially from Lashio to the border (Muse), so the road is closed. It is change quickly if the security improve or stay like this.

For all road border crossing, you MUST have a Myanmar visa established in advance.

  China - Myanmar :
Currently (January 2017), road is closed between Lashio and Muse, so you cannot cros the border..
  Laos - Myanmar :
Not possible, and we are not aware that somebody did it or that even it is possible to "negociate" something.
ThaÏland - Myanmar :
- Mae Sot - Tachileck (Shan state) : You can cross the border at Mae Sot without any problem and you can travel by yourself until Tachileck.
To reach other city in Myanmar you need to take a plane from kentung or Tachileck.

- Mae Sot : Possible, not problem, road is totally new but heavy traffic.

- Kawthaung/Rannong: Open, you will have to take a boat to Dawei or Mergui and then a plane to Yangon

- Hti Ki (near Dawei) : Open.


India - Myanmar :
Border is again open. You can cross the border with your private car or by foot. In booth case, you can go out of Myanmar by an other check point, no need any more to cross again at Tamu-Morah border check point.
If you want to cross Myanmar with your own car, you need a special permit and an official guide (but it now again possible).

Update : August 2018 - new border crossing.
It is now also possible to cross the border between India and Myanmar at a new border post : eedhorda (Myanmar - Etat Chin) /Zowkhawtar (Inde - mizoran).
You can cross by foot without any special authorization and you can leave Myanmar by Yangon or any other border post.
Be aware that the roads in this area, in rainy saison are extremely bad (real 4x4 car totally indispensable), travelling by bus can take days....

Bangladesh - Myanmar
:closed, absolutely no way.

Details per road or access (update August 2018).

  - Mogkok : Again closed for security reason. We expect opening for the end of 2018.
  - From Taungyi to the east until Tachilek : closed (Tachileck, Kentung accessible by plane).
  - West of Matupi and city of Paletwa- Chin State: closed
  - Mongla at Chinese border : closed
  - Putao : downtown ok, , very limited trek possible (update August 2018)
  - Between Lashio & Muse (Chinese border) : November 2017 - closed
  - Road north fo Nagaland to Ledo road (Sagaille) : closed
  - Nampsam (trek north of Hsipaw) : November 2017 - closed
  - Kaya state: Loikaw is open. Dee Mon Soe village is open not other village, road to Taungoo is open.
  - North Karen- Than Taung Gyi : Only Than Taung Gyi city, no night, Loikaw road is open.
  - Moulmein to Dawei : ok by bus, train, car , you can cross Thanbuzaya city but you cannot stay.
  - Tachileck -Kentung by car : possible with a car or taxi before 16h00.
  - Bhamo : open but no acces by road from Myitchina, security is bad around.
  - Sittwe Mrauk U Vesali Mahamuni : Open
  - Nagaland : Open (janvier 2017), cities of Lahe, Lashi, Khamti are ok. It is not possible to cross to the northen road to Ledo road.
  - Bagan Mrauk-U : Open (but area is not that stable).
  - Pyay - Ngapali by road : Open
  - North of Chin : Road Bagan Hakka Falam - Ditthim - Indian border- Kalay open (avoid totally in rainy season)
  - Mindat -Matupi - Kampellet : Open (but Paletwa is off limit)
  - Nay Pyi Taw open but city of Pyamana is off limit
- Around Mytchina : open but not safe
- Mytchina by plane : open but outside city not safe
- Hispaw : open but Trek Nampsam Hsipaw is not possible any more.
- Road Ann - Mrauk U from Magwe : Open


Official additional information from December 2016 and January 2017


Division/ Département

Totally off limit area 17-01-2017 (complete list of June 2016 below)


Kachin State

Lwigal, Dotphoneyan, Sadone, Kanpiketee, Pannandin, Kamaing, Shwinbway Yan, Pan war


Kayin State

Par Pon, Hlaingbwe, Shan Ywar thit, Sukali, Wawlay Mying, Thantaung gyi, Kyainseikgyi, Kawkareik



 Bammauk (night monastery not authorized , city ok)






Htantapin, Kyaukgyi(ville)



Mogkok, Thabikkyin, Pyin Oo Lwin, (Kyun tine, Nyaung kone, Thapyay chaung, Mogyopyit, Patikone, Naungpin, Mètaw)



Buteetaung, Mangdaw(Taungpyo latwal), Palatwa, Sittwe(IDP) Camp 5, Rathedaung (IDP) Camp4, Pauktaw (IDP) Camp 4, Kyaiktaw (IDP) Camp 1, Myay pone (IDP) Camp1, Kauk phyu (IDP) Camp 1 ,Yanbyal (IDP) camp 1.


Shan (North)

Mongnyut, Minelone, Chinshwehaw, Hopan, Nantpan, Panlone, Mawhtike, Musal, Nantkhan, Kutkai, Mankan


Shan (east)

Mongkhet, Mongyan, Mongpouk, Monglar, Mongping(Tonetar), Minepyit, Mongyawng(Mongyu)


Shan (south)

Sisai, Loilem (Mongpun)


27June 2016 list that is completed by 17 janvier 2017 list

 Nay Pyi Taw Council : Open

Kachin State

(1)  Authorized area
(aa)   Bhamo Township
(bb)   Shwegu Township
(cc)   Mogaung Township
(dd)   Mohnyin Township
(ee)   Myit-kyi-na Township

(2)  Authorized area (outside city is off limit)
  (aa)  Putao Township
  (bb)  Machanbaw Township
  (cc)   Mansi Township
  (dd)  Momauk Township
  (ee)  Waingmaw Township

(3) Areas were you need previously a permit (off limit - not authorized)    
 (aa)  Naung-mon Township
(bb)  Kawng-lan-hpu Township
(cc)  Sumprabum Township
(dd)  Hpakant Township
(ee)  Tanai Township
(ff)   Injangyang Township
(gg)  Chipwi Township
(hh)  Tsawlaw Township

Kayah State

(1) Authorized area
 (aa)   Loi-kaw Township 
(2) Authorized area (outside city is off limit)
(aa)  Demoso Township
(bb)   Hpruso Township

(3) Areas were you need previously a permit (off limit - not authorized)    
(aa)   Shadaw Township
(bb)   Hpasawng Township
(cc)    Bawlakhe Township
(dd)   Mese Township


Kayin State

 (1) Authorized area
 (aa)    Hpa-an Township
 (bb)   Mya-wady Township
       -    Su-kali Sub-Township
       -    Wal-lae Sub-Township

(2) Authorized area (outside city is off limit)
(aa)   Kaw-ka-reik Township
      -     Kyone-doe Sub-Township
(bb)    Hlaingbwe Township
       -    Pai-kyone Sub-Township
      -     Shan-ywa-thit Sub-Township
 (cc)    Thandaunggyi Township
        -    Leiktho Town
       -     Bawgali Town

 (3) Areas were you need previously a permit (off limit - not authorized)     
 (aa)   Kyain Seikgyi Township
         -   Phayathonsu Town
         -   Kyeikdon Town
(bb)   Hpa-pun Township
         -    Kamamaung Town

Chin State : Open

but Paletwa area is off limit.

Sagaing Region

(1) Authorized area
(aa)  Sagaing Township
(bb)   Myinmu Township
(cc)   Myaung Township
(dd)  Monywa Township
(ee)  Chaugn-u Township
(ff)    Ayadaw Township
(gg)  Budalin Township
(hh)  Shewbo Township
(ii)    Depeyin Township
(jj)   Ye-u Township
(kk)  Khin-u Township
(ll)    Taze Township
(mm)  Kyunhla Township
(nn)   Kanbalu Township
(oo)   Wetlet Township
(pp)   Katha Township
(qq)   Indaw Township
(rr)    Htigyaing Township
(ss)   Pinlebu Township
(tt)   Banmauk Township
(uu)   Kawlin Township
(vv)   Wuntho Township
(ww)  Yinmabin Township
(xx)   Salingyi Township
(yy)   Pale Township
(zz)   Kani Township
(aaa)  Kale Township
(bbb)  Kalewa Township
(ccc)   Min-gin Township
(ddd)  Mawlaik Township
(eee)  Paungbyin Township
(fff)   Tamu Township
(ggg)  Kani Township
         -   Homalin Township
         -   Leshi Township
         -   Lahe Township

(2) Authorized area (outside city is off limit) 
(aa)    Nanyun Township


Tanintharyi Region

(1) Régions autorisées
(aa)  Kawthaung Township
          -  Khamaukgyi Sub township
(bb)  Dawei Township
          - Myitta Sub township
(cc)  Yebyu Township
          -  Kaleinaung Sub township
(dd)  Launglon Township
(ee)  Thayetchaung Township
(ff)   Tanintharyi Township
(gg)   Palaw Township
           -  Palauk Subtownship
(hh)  Myeik Township

(2) Authorized area (outside city is off limit)

(aa)  Bokpyin Township
           - Pyigyimandaing Subtownship
           - Karathuri Town
(bb)  Kyunsu Township

 Bago Region

(1) Authorized area
     (aa)  Bago Township
     (bb)  Daik-U Township
     (cc)  Nyaunglebin Township
     (dd)  Kyauktaga Township
     (ee)  Waw Township
     (ff)   Thanatpin Township
     (gg)  Kawa Township
     (hh)  Taungoo Township
     (ii)    Yedashe Township
     (jj)   Oktwin Township
     (kk)  Phyu Township
     (ll)    Tantabin Township
    (mm) Kyaukkyi Township
     (nn)  Pyay Township
     (oo)   Paukkaung Township
      (pp)  Thegon Township
     (qq)  Paungde Township
      (rr)  Shwedaung Township
      (ss)  Padaung Township
      (tt)  Tharrawaddy Township
      (uu)  Letpadan Township
      (vv)  Minhla Township
      (ww) Monyo Township
      (xx)  Okpho Township
      (yy)  Gyobingauk Township
      (zz)   Zigon Township
      (aaa)  Nattalin Township 

(2)  Authorized area (outside city is off limit)

Magway Region : Open

Mandalay Region : Open

cf January update for off-limit area.

Mon State

(1) Authorized area
(aa) Kyaikto Township
(bb) Paung Township
           -  Zingyaik Township
           -  Mottama Township
(cc)  Mawlamyine Township
(dd)  Chaungzon Township
(ee)  Mudon Township
           -  Kamawet Town

(2) Authorized area (outside city is off limit)
(aa)  Bilin Township
(bb)  Thaton Township
(cc)  Ye Township 

(3) Areas were you need previously a permit (off limit - not authorized)    
(aa)   Kyaikmaraw Town
(bb)   Thanbyuzayat Town - il est possible de traverser la ville en bus ou voiture (janvier 2017) mais pas d'y dormir.

Rakhine State

cf January update for off-limit area.

Yangon Region

Shan State

(1) Authorized area
(aa)   Taunggyi Township
(bb)   Kalaw Township
(cc)   Nyaungshwe Township
(dd)  Hopong Township
(ee)  His Hseng Township
(ff)   Pinlaung Township
(gg)   Pekon Township
(hh)  Ywangan Township
(ii)    Pindaya Township
(jj)   Muse Township
(kk)   Namhkam Township
(ll)    Kutkhaing Township
(mm)  Hopang Township
           - Panlong Town
(nn)  Kyaingtong Township
(oo)  Mong Khet Township
(pp)  Mong Yang Township
(qq)  Mong Ping Township
(rr)  Tachileik Township
(ss)  Mong Hpayak Township
(tt)   Mong Yawng Township 

(2)  Authorized area (outside city is off limit)
(aa)   Yatsawk Township 
(bb)   Loilen Township
             -  Pinlon Town
(cc)   Namhsan Township
            -   Kholan Subtownship
 (dd)   Kunhing Township
             -  Ka-li Town
(ee)  Lecha Township
(ff)   Linke Township
(gg)  Moenel Township
(hh)  Lashio Township
(ii)  Thein-ni Township
(jj)  Tangyan Township
(kk) Konglong Township
(ll)   Mineyal Township
(mm)  Kyaukme Township
(nn)  Hsipaw Township
(oo)  Naungcho Township
(pp)  Namtu Township
(qq)  Nansang Township
(rr)   Moemate Township
(ss)  Mabein Township
(tt)   Minesat Township
(uu)  Minetong Township
(vv)  Matmann Township

(3)  Areas were you need previously a permit (off limit - not authorized)    
(aa)   Kyay-thee Township
(bb)   Mai-kai Township
(cc)   Mai-shu Township
(dd)   Mai-pan Township
(ee)   Mauk-mae Township
(ff)    Manton Township
(gg)   Lauk-kaing Township
(hh)   Kone-kyan Township
 (ii)    Mong-la Township
 (jj)   Nar-phan Township
 (kk)  Pan-wine Township
(ll)   Pan-sann (Pan-khan) Township
 (mm) Mai-maw Township


Ayeyarwaddy Region

(1) Authorized area
         (aa)  Pathein Township
              -  Shwe-thaung-yan Town
              -  Ngwesaung Township
         (bb)  Kangyi daunk Township
         (cc)  Thabaung Township
        (dd)  NgapudawTownship
            -   Ngayokekaung Township
            -   Hai-gyi-kyun Town
        (ee)  KyonpyawTownship
            -   Antaung Town 
        (ff)    Yekyi Township
           -    Ngathaingchaung Town
            -    Ahthoke Town
        (gg)   Kyaunggon Township
         (hh)  Hinthada Township
         (ii)   Zalun Township
          (jj)  Lemyethna Township
         (kk)  Myanaung Township
         (ll)   Kyangin Township
         (nn)  Ingapu Township
             -   Tugyi Town
         (oo)  Myaungmya Township
         (pp)  Einme Township
         (qq)  Wakema Township
             -   Kyonmanage Township
         (rr)   Maubin Township
         (ss)   Pantanaw Township
         (tt)   Nyaungdon Township
         (uu)  Danubyu Township
         (vv)   Phapon Township
              -  Ahmar Town
        (ww)  Bogale Township
         (xx)  Kyaiklat Township
         (yy)  Dedaye Township
         (zz)   Labutta Township
             -   Pyinsalu Town 
        (aaa)  Mawlamyinegyun Township