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Bus schedules and fares for journey between Yangon-Mandalay-Inle-Bagan-Moulmein

You will find below the schedule for some air-con bus between the main tourist towns in Myanmar (Yangon - Mandalay - Inle - Bagan - Moulmein - Pyay), the beach of Chaung Tha and Pathein from where you can go to the very good beach of Ngwe Saung.

Buses in Myanmar are becoming more and more confortable (no sleeping buses yet) and it is the cheapest way to travel everywhere.
Cost are always around 10 000 kyats to 18 0000 kyats, depending on the quality of the company. It is fair to say that a bus ticket cost between 10 to 15-18 (max) for
long high way tri.

- Prices and schedules are changing . Contact us if you want an accurate and up to date information.

- There is a lot of buses every night, especially departing from Yangon and Mandalay BUT it is the favourite way of travelling for Myanmar people, so the best buses compagnies can be fully booked 3-4 days in advance.

- Most big buses compagnies have recently bought brand new Scania buses for Europe. The overall quality has jumped...

- There is very convenient, very fast and cheap DAY TIME buses between Mandalay and Yangon. If you want to save a lot, and you do not want to spend a night in the bus, this is a very convenient and confortable way of travelling (and very cheap compare to train, plane or worst car).

- Some premium compagnies now include a snack and drink during the bus trip. (even bus hostess)

- Air con buses are reliables (for Myanmar) but we strongly recommend that you NOT to try to catch a plane the same day that your bus is "supposed" to arrive. Do not believe the schedule (even if most of the time it is quite accurate).

- Bring warm clothes, it can be very cold in winter AND summer (air con), bring eye curtain also. Most of the bus compagnies have stopped to put music and TV after 23h00.

- Sometimes if it is really better to come at the bus station early to get the best seat (you may have to pay a little extra).

- Travelling with air con bus is not a nightmare, but if you really like your hot and cozy bed, avoid it. Otherwise it is very nice and cheap.

- If you are travelling away from the main cities (Mandalay Yangon, Moulmein, Bago, Inle, Pwin Oo Lwin), you will probably get one of the old bus along with bad road. This kind of journey can be quite challenging.... try to get information before. Even if most important roads have improved a lot, roads between remote cities are usually very abad.

Update 8 July 2013
Trip Bus Station (Depart) Bus Station (Arrive) Name of car   Depart Arrival
Yangon - Mandalay Aung Mingalar Station arrive to Mdl ELite  Normal    
1st stop at Front of Train Station  Special 08:30 05:00
2nd stop Kywel Sel Kan Bus station Special 21:00/21:30 05:00/06:00
stop at Kywel Sel Kan  Khaing Mandalay Normal 09:00/21:00 17:00/05:00
Special 21:00 05:00
Mandalay - Yangon Kywel Sel Kan Station Arrive to Ygn ELite  Normal    
1st stop at 8 Mile Special 08:30 05:00
2nd stop at Aung Mingalar Station Special 21:00/21:30 05:00/06:00
Khaing Mandalay Normal 09:00/21:00 17:00/05:00
Yangon - Bagan Aung Mingalar Station Shwe See Khon  Bagan Minthar  Normal 08:00/18:00 20:00/06:00
A Yein Damar Normal 08:00/18:30 20:00/06:30
Bagan - Yangon Nyaung Oo Station Aung San Station JJ  Normal 07:30 17:00
JJ  Special 08:30 17:30
Yangon-Taungyi Aung Mingalar Station Aye Thar Yar Gate Yan Gyi Aung Normal 16:00/17:00 02:00/03:00
Special S 04:00/05:00
Taungyi - Yangon Aye Tharyar Station Aung Mingalar Station Yan Gyi Aung Normal 06:00 17:00
Special 16:00 04:30
Yangon - Ngwe Saung Aung Mingalar Station Ngwe Saung Staiton Shwe Pyi Lwin



06:30 13:00
Mandalay - Bagan Kywel Sel Kan Station Nyaung Oo Station Shwe Mann Thu Normal 08:30 12:30
  22:00 03:00
Bagan - Mandalay Nyaung Oo Station Kywel Sel Kan Station Shwe Mann Thu Normal 08:00 14:00
15:00 21:00
21:30 05:00
Bagan - Nyaung Shwe Nyaung Oo Station Nyaung Shwe Station Bagan Minthar  Normal 07:00/07:30 15:00
18:30 03:30
Nyaung Shwe - Bagan Nyaung Shwe Station Nyaung Oo Station Bagan Minthar  Normal 06:00 15:00
18:00 03:30
Mandalay - Taung Gyi Kywel Sel Kan Station Aye Thar Yar Gate Shwe Taung Yoe Normal 19:30 02:30
Special 09:00 04:00
Taung Gyi - Mandalay Aye Tharyar Station Kywel Sel Kan Station Shwe Mann Thu Normal 18:00 03:30
Special 19:00 04:00

Yangon - Kalay

Yangon Kalay Tatlan
Normal 10.00 14h00 (un jour aprés)

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