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Burmese (Myanmar) embassy in Bangkok Thailand, information, fare, form, visa

You still can request your visa at the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok. It is not as popular as before, mainly because of the on line service, but it is still very usefull, especially if you are in emergency (you can get a visa the same day, with extra cost.

- Do not forget to take to photo ID, you can usually make ID photograph on site.
- You can request any type of visa (if you have the proper documents)
- With extra cost you can get same day visa (morning request, and you get your visa after 15h30)

- Be careful : Business visa - you must habe an invitation letter AND the certificate of incorporation (copy) of the company
- Public holidays Myanmar AND Thai i : The embassy is usually closed for Myanmar and Thai public holidays. Double check before planning your trip.

- PDF file with the official price list for all visa you can get at the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok: Here



  Embassy of the Union of Myanmar,
BANGKOK 10500 - Thaïlande
Tel : (662) 233-2237,
Tel : 234-4698, 233-7250, 234-0320
fax :(662) 236-6898
Email : 
Visa Update October 2017  


1 600 Bath normal delay : 48 hours

Open Monday to Friday.
Visa request 9h to 12 H.
Visa pick-up : all the day .
Business : 2 000 bath one single entry, validity max 70 days,
: 8 000 bath multi-entry, validity max 3 months,
: 16 000 bath multi-entry, validity max 6 months,
: 24 000 bath multi-entry, validity max 12 months