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Travel Insurance - health Insurance - medical evacuation - practical information - Myanmar


Latest even in Myanmar (September 2007, Nargis 2008) or in Thailand make us believed that it is time to give again some informations about travel and health insurance (and situation) in Myanmar.


Travel agency in Myanmar have no insurance, Ananda travel, like other agency, has no insurance also. it means, in case of health problem or travel problem, you need to have your own insurance.

Health Insurance - medical evacuation

This is the kind of insurance that will pay for you (best case scenario) or refund you (most probably) your health related cost while travelling in Myanmar (and for a problem that will occur in Myanmar, not for pre existing condition).

You have to remember that any serious accident in Myanmar will probably result for a medical evacuation in Thailand or Singapore (if possible). If your case is serious, you do not want / can not stay in Myanmar or Yangon for medical treatment.
Medical evacuation are expensive, extremely expensive if your case is life threatening and you need a medical plane (30 000 USD or more
only for Bangkok
It is a huge amount and the medical transportation company will not come to pick you up if you do not pay (you or your insurance).They have no obligation to come useless you pay.

It is a worst case scenario but your MUST have a good travel health insurance that will cover the cost of a medical evacuation to Bangkok or Singapore. (please double or triple check when you take your insurance).
. If you have already a travel health insurance, check the amount insurred, check they will covert you for a medical evacuation to Bangkok.
Do not check over the phone, ask a printed document (not to be paranoid but it is insurance company...)

Travel insurance for transportation or cancellation.

This is an insurance that will refund the paiement of your plane ticket and paiement to a travel agency if you cancel at the last minute your journey for medical reason, acciden etc (list usually included in the contract).
The insurance will refund your international plane ticket, your deposit or paiement to a travel agent (in Myanmar or locally). It is better to take the insurance before proceeding with the payment to the travel agent.

If you cancel your journey with Ananda travel at the last minute, we will not refund you the deposit (already used to pay for your program) but we will establish a cancellation invoice in accordance with your first program. You will then send this cancellation invoice to your insurance, and you will be refund.

Plane ticket paid by credit card.

Check and double check the exact information written in your credit card insurance contract.
Very often, the insurance link to your credit card will not cover you and will pay for you in case of airport problem like in Thailand last year (december 2008). Double check but it is very probable that even if you pay with your credit card, the insurance will not help you if you cancel your trip, or will not help you to get a new ticket in case of airport or transportation problem.