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Nargis cyclone - Bokkale Irrawaddy delta region - Sun drying the rice on the road- 9th of May

rice sun drying in bokkale on the road

Sun drying of the rice near Bokkale (few kilometer before). This is a very traditionnal and usual way to dry the rice in Myanmar. Farmers have no space in the field (they use it for cultivation), so they sundry the rice on the road (with fish net if it is a dust road, and directly on the road if it is a paved road)

The main problem now for farmers in Bokkale area (as for all Myanmar farmers) is to dry the rice before the monsoon rain and to keep it dry.
Help to Bokkale farmers must include plastic tent or container to keep the rice dry, this is often the only valuable thing they
manage to keep after the cyclone.

Bokkale - Irrawaddy delta - 9th May 2008
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