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Nights in local village deep inside the jungle of the Bago Yoma in burma., elephant watching.

Taungoo is an important city for the trade of  teak wood in Burma. It is the entry door of of Bago Yoma (west side of Taungoo) and the starting point by the road for the northern part  of the Karen state and Kaya state.

Currently, only the forests and mountains located west of the city are authorized for the foreigners. The eastern part of Taungoo is still until now closed to tourist. It is unfortunate because the area is very beautiful, with forests, river and a landscape of medium mountains and hills (maximum altitude + - 1500 meters).
In Taungoo, you can cross the bridge by the bicycle and make approximately 2 kilometers to the east before arriving at a check point. Not to try to pass, it is totally closed.

- Elephants : A one day excursion to see the elephants working in the jungle of Bagos Yoma. We specify that  it is  absolutely not a zoo or a closed parc  to make believe that the elephants work. They are really working in the jungle. You will have to take a 4x4 vehicle (typically 3 hours) before you may reach the elephants far in the teak forest.  It is a interesting spectacle and the drive in the jungle is very beautiful. Photos and more detailled informations : Here

- Bamboo rafting :

- Excursion to the Karen villages deep inside the jungle of the  Bag Yoma. You will start from Taungoo and drive with a 4x4 car in the jungle which covers Bago Yoma. After 3 to 4 hours, you will reach Karen villages. It is possible to sleep 1 or 2 nights in the villages to discover the way of life of the inhabitants. If you stay 1 night or more, we will include in the trip a visit to a logging camp in the forest, where the elephants are working. Photos and more detailled informations : Here