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How to get your visa on arrival with advance approval in Myanmar ? Forms and procedure.

Who can benefit from the "Visa on arrival" with advance approval?

This procedure was specialy designed for the people who lives in a country where there is no Myanmar embassy. The procedure is simple and straigthforward. Practically, everyone can apply to the Visa on Arrival (but you need to apply in advance).

The delay if officially three weeks, but it is better nt to wait the last minute, especially because there is always public holidays, full moon.

How long it takes to get the "Visa on arrival" authorisation?

- The minimum delay is three weeks. Do not ask for a quicker procedure, it is not possible. (Be aware of Myanmar holidays). It could be a lot of longer, so apply as soon as possible. We are not responsible if there is delay for any reason because of the Myanmar Immigration.

- Myanmar Immigration can reject your demand, and they do not provide any reason (as most countries in the world when they reject a visa) and as Travel Agent, we can do nothing if the application is rejected.

Step by step procedure to get your "visa on arrival" for Myanmar.

Procedure is very straightforward:

- Fill the form (online) or send it back to us by fax at our free European number +33 (0) 1 53 014767 (forms on line : here, download on PDF file Here
- Send us by fax (+33) 1 5301 4767 or by email (much better) a copy of your passport and a photograph (big one, please).
- Wait a minimum of three weeks to get the answer from Myanmar Authorities
- Fly to Myanmar with your "Visa on arrival" approval, 70 USD per people and 3 photos (ID photograph).

In details :

- Fill the from to request a visa on arrival, you must write your name, nationality, passport number, flight number, exact arrival date, time of arrival.
You must give the name of a Myanmar Travel agency that is your guaranty is Myanmar and which you will book a package tour (real holiday program in Myanmar)
Write : Ananda Travel Yangon Ltd.

Boarding at the airline counter when you fly to Myanmar ?

We will send you by fax or email the "Approval"( that is why we must have a valid email or fax). This documents is the proof that you will get your visa upon arrival..
Please, show your approved "visa on arrival" request to the airline during the check in instead of the normal visa.

Which documents you should bring before coming in Myanmar ?

- Your approved request of "visa on arrival" (the one we have send back to you by email or fax)
- 3 photographs (ID all the same) - Please this is for official documents, do not send us picture of you on holidays (it had happen....)

What happen when you arrive at the airport ?

- A people from Myanmar Tourism and Tours (official agency) will wait you before the Immigration control.

- This people will help you to fill all the documents and to "deal" with the Immigration counter. She will confirm that you have a valid visa on arrival booking, guaranty by Ananda Travel Yangon ltd.

The total procedure usually takes 5 minutes.

Additional question ?

For any additional question or information, contact us by email :

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