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Your arrival at Yangon's airport in Burma (Myanmar)

No problem, do not be worried !

Your arrival at Yangon or Mandalay is like
everywhere :

- Checkin your passport and visa.
- You get your luggage.
- The custom chek your luggage.
- You leave the airport.

Change :

Now you can make your change officially at Money Changers or bank in Myanmar.
The rate is usually very good, especially at the airport.
So, contrary to before, we strongly recommend that you make some changes at the aiport (for people travelling with us, we can, after your request, prepare some change for you and you will get it at your hotel).

What do you declare at the arrival ?

Nothing, you declare nothing as you do not bring nothing you need to declare (do not be worried about the jewellery).

- If you have really expensive jewellery (in Burma ?), mention it,
- If you have more than 2000 USD with you, you are supposed to declare it, but practically it concerns only Myanmar people who wants to take out of the country the amount they had when they arrived.

Mobile Phone?

Mobile phone roaming is now working in Myanmar for most operators (March 2018), so you should not have any trouble to use your mobile here, and there is no problem for the custom at the aiport.

You can also rent a local SIM card for Internet and calls. Internet via 3g/4g is working very well.
More information on our web page : Here

No need to change 200 USD in 200 FEC !!!

You do not have to change 200 USD in 200 FEC at the border.
This was an old mandatory requirement for the customs.
This was stopped in 2003 (we mention it because some books are still mention it).

Visa on Arrival

For business people :
Yes it is possible
You need to have all the correct documents with you (invitation letters etc...)
Check our webpage : Here

For Tourist
It is possible for tourist to get a visa on arrival
You must have applied before arriving in Myanmar and some restrictions applies.

If you do not applied for a visa on arrival procedure BEFORE your arrival in Myanmar, you can not get it at the airport.

We strongly recommen to get your visa on Line before arriving. This is by far the safest procedure :
Visa on arrival procedure : Here

Leaving the aiport : use TAXI !!!

Forget walking (it is very far), bus and other emergency "cheap" solution. You have been flying at least 14 hours, it is not the best time to make your life complicated.

- You can get a taxi at the airport. No meter, so do not forget to negotiate (a lot) and bring the exact address of the hotel (or a map)

- If you do not have book a taxi with us, use the taxis stand inside the airport after you clear the custom control. Their prices are reasonnables and you will get a good car without any trouble (+- 4000 kyats per people).

- You can ask Ananda Travel Yangon to come to pick up you at the airport. We propose a very relaxing service for your arrival:

A driver will wait you immediately after the exit of the custom check point. He will drive you directly in an air-con car to your hotel.