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How to get your visa on arrival WITH ADVANCE APPROVAL in Myanmar ? Forms and procedure.

Visa on arrival - (september 2013)

- The pre-approved visa on arrival procedure for tourist is confirmed but there is some additional strict points to follow.
- Tourist CAN NOT get on visal on arrival if not approved-pre arrange in advance.

- The customer who is applying for a VOA must not have a Myanmar Embassy in his country and/or prove he can not get his visa normaly in a Myanmar Embassy.
- The duration stay must be below or equal to 28 days. Any request with overstay will be refused, if the customer stay longer than 28 days, the travel agency will be sanctionned.
- The customer MUST have a real and valid program with a local travel agent (one night in Yangon is not sufficient) and the program will be check.
- Procedure will take at least 3 weeks.

- If you can get a visa in a Myanmar embassy, do it, this is the most simple and secure way.
- If you can not get a visa in a Myanmar embassy because you do not have a Myanmar Embassy or it is very difficult to get a visa, try to get a visa on arrival via a travel agent or Ananda Travels.
- It is not because you apply for a visa on arrival that you will get it. Sometimes the government refuse the visa on arrival.

1 - You fill up a form (cf below) to ask for an "Visa on Arrival authorization.

2 - The minimum delay to get an answer from the Myanmar Immigration office is three weeks (accepted or rejected). Be careful with this official delay, it can be longer (Myanmar holidays or any other reason), so apply for your visa on arrival as soon as possible. If the visa is rejected, the government gives no reason and as Travel Agent we can do absolutely nothing.

3 - You MUST carry with you the authorisation of "visa on arrival" that we will fax or email to you.
You will show it at the boarding of the plane - as you have no visa on your passport

4 - A guide from our company and from the Government will wait you before the Immigration to help you to fill the forms and to get your visa.

Questions and procedure step by step

Step by step procedure : HERE

Summary :

- The minimum time to get the answer is three weeks (office day), it could be longer.
- You must have a valid program with a local travel agent to get the VOA.
- You must choose a travel agency to book your hotel: Ananda travel Yangon.
- Your stay can not exceed 28 days (no overstay) otherwise the local travel agent will be sanctionned.

Forms that you must download or file on line

You have to download only 1 form :

- We must have your Name, surname, passport number, exact arrival date, flight number and airline.
We must have a valid email or a valid fax number to send you back the answer of the Myanmar authorities.

- We must received by fax (+33) 1 53 01 4767 or by email (much better) a copy of your passeport AND a ID photograph per people (big one please)

- "On line" form: Here

- Download the request form (PDF) : Here, Thank you to fill up the form and to fax it to our number in France +33 1 5301 4767 (automatically and freely forwarded in Myanmar).

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