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Diving information at Ngwe Saung beach in Myanmar (Burma)

Treasure hotel in Ngwe saung organises diving tour in the island in front of Ngwe Saung. It is not Mergui island but it is very nice anyway and very fews people are diving here.

When you should make diving in Ngwe Saung

The good time for diving in Gwe Saung is during the high season from November to April and among these months January and February are the best months for diving.
Day trip should be started at 8.00 AM and reach the island (dive sites) at 09.00 am. First dive should start between 10.00 and 11.00, time interval for lunch break at 1.30 hours and second dive should start after 2.00 PM.

Where are the diving spots in Ngwe Saung.

There is three island in front of Ngwe Saung. Under water temperature at 60 feet is around 30 C° (fine !). Sites are ranked from 3 to 5 stars on the standard dive rank. The visibily is good and you can see quite a lot of fish (nothing dangerous).

How you can book your dive at Ngwe Saung.

We recommend you to book at least one week in advance (two weeks will be better). Even if you do not stay at the Treasure hotel, you can book diving services.
Send an email to Ananda Travels Yangon : diving@ananda-travel.com . We will take care of everything to arrange your stay at Ngwe Saung.

Tarif - nombre de personnes ?

Price is for a group of 4 person, per person : 70 USD + rental equipement if needed.
The price included professional dive assistant, tanks, weight belt, boat transfert, lunch bow, mineral water, first aid kit with oxygen.

Rental equipement.

You can rent a full kit for your diving. weight belts and tanks are included in the diving price. You can rent fins, booties, light, wet suite, computer, mask, BCD (Scubapro)....

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