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Petit FutÚ

Sam Yweat Guest house at Kentung in the Golden Triangle - Burma - Myanmar

Sport :
trekking around Kentung.
Rooms :
2 kinds of rooms:

- 1st floor bedroom with bathroom attached. the condition is not so bad.
- 2nd floor bedrooms without bathroom attached. They are nicer than the 1st floor bedroom and the overall feeling is better.

Restaurant : breakfast.
Emplacement :Downtown in a quiet street.

Rooms, especially the bedrooms at the 2nd floor are very correct and quite nice
the price is totally wrong, very expensive.
You must get a very big discount and be careful, the hotel management give a price per people, not per room.

entrée sam yweat hotel kentung birmanie

couloir sam yweat hotel kentung birmanie
2nd floor

chambre du haut sam yweat hotel kentung birmanie
2dn floor without bathroom attached

chambre du bas sam yweat hotel kentung birmanie
bedroom with bathroom attached

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