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Choose your hotel at Kentung in the golden triangle ? Burma - Myanmar

Hotel choice is quite limited. We recommend the 2 hotels below. The guest house is good only if you get the 2nd floor bedroom AND a very big discount.

Kentung airpor -story not yet finished (05-March-2008)

It seems that the runway was not totally finished at Kentung.....
The airport will be totally closed from 31st March to 12 May, except Saturday (?)

Yangon airways confirms flights for 6,8,17,19 March and has no further information after 31st March.
Air bagan has not given any news yet, they still have to manage their latest perfomance in Putao.

Kentung Airport - End of the story (13 February 2008)

Very good news.
The renovation of the runway at Kentung airport is finish today. The airport is open to any flight, starting 13 of February. We will receive today and later this week new update flight schedules from the domestic airlines. We will know soon which day airlines operate to Kentung.
At least, there is no more flight restriction to go to Kentung.

How to arrive at Kentung.

- From Yangon or any other city in Myanmar, your only way to reach Kentung is by plane. From Yangon, there is no direct flight and you have to stop at 3 local domestic airports before arriving to Kentung.

- From Thailand : You can cross the border at MaeSot/Tachileck and then proceed by plane to Kentung (15 minutes fight) or by car if you get the permit (to ask at the border before crossing).

What to do inn Kentung

Kentung is the perfect base for trek in the golden triangle area where you will see various ethnic groups with their way of life almost "unchanged".

It is more casual walk than trekking. It is quite easy and usually you won't have to walk more than 2 or 3 hours.

It may be possible to sleep in monasteries deep inside the forest but you MUST get an approval from the government through a Myanmar travel agency as Ananda Travel. It is not ici, but we can get it for you (not at the las minute), please give us 2 or 3 weeks at least.

Most of the tribes and ethnics group around Kentung are extremely poor. If you want to help these people, you can buy and brings tools that will help them in their day to day life.
Drugs and medecins are not a good idea. These people does not understand English (sometimes even Myanmar), they do not know how to use the drugs (even if you explain) and you are not a doctor.

The best is too bring mosquito net, plastic cup or iron cup or anything that can help them to keep the water clean, the latrine in good condition and prevent them to get malaria.
Most of the health and death come from malaria and dirty water.

Private hotel

Category : Good motel
The private hotel is located less than 1 mile from the very quiet local airport. The hotel is clean, quiet, with a very pleasant garden, especially if you think that others hotels in Kentung do not have garden. A little far from downtown (5 minutes only), close to a very good thai restaunt, rooms are clean and very good value.
It is a good choice in Kentung.

private hotel kentung

Princess hôtel

Category : 1 star (local)
It is a clean hotel, everything working well, well located downtown Kentung. It was THE hotel in kentung. Absolutely no charm but everything is working well (hot water, air con..). It is better to to take the 1st and second floor rooms (we do not recommand the rooms located in the basement).

facade princess hotel kentung birmanie

Sam Yweat guest house

Category : Guest house
It could have been a very nice guest house.
Currenly, the 2nd floor bedrooms (without bathroom attached) are quiet nice and clean (better than 1st floor). A very good ONLY if you can get a huge discount on the official public rate.

sam yweat guest house kentung birmanie