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Petit Futé

Red Canal hotel in Mandalay (Myanmar - Burma).

Sport :
tiny gym room , small to very small swimming pool

Rooms : All rooms are called Suite, they all have a different name. All rooms are very well decorated, very nice design, some even have an outside shower but rooms are small; even tiny and 2 category can not accept an extra bed (you even will have trouble with two luggage in the room)

Restaurant : breakfast and Indian/Thai/ Myanmar restaurant.

Internet : Wifi free in the hotel.

Comments: It is definitively one of the most charming hotel in Mandalay, and very nice place to stay But (and it is a big but) rooms are small (but very well decorated and confortable) and rooms prices are very very expensive, more than the regular 4 stars hotels of Mandalay which are offering huge swimming pool, buffet, spa etc...
A nice place to stay, but overpriced. (and not possible if you have children or if you need a big familly room)

Internet site :

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Rooms with balcony over the garden

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spa hotel rupar malar mandalay birmanie myanmar
Swmming pool

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