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Linn Thar Ooo hotel at Ngapali beach in Myanmar (Burma)

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In the past, this hotel had only cheap, woodden and bamboo wall made rooms, quite in bad condition but with direct access on the beach.
Now the hotel has build two new rooms : Orchid room, so you have :

- Jasmine, Lilly, Rose rooms : almost identical (few difference), made of wood and bamboo, bathroom very very simple, very simple room, condition is average .

- Orchid room : new rooms, with split (silence type) air con, real clean bathroom, bigger, more clean, really better feeling than the other rooms (but also big increase in price...)

Restaurant : breakfast, lunch, diner

Location : middle of Ngapali beach

Comments : This hotel was always cheap with very average room, with direct acces on the beach, and located below the shade of nice big trees. Rooms have the minimal acceptable level of cleaness and maintenance but still ok, the price remains not too high even if it is not so cheap.
Orchid rooms are far better, but the price is much more higher, still below other hotels of the beach, not far from being cheap (especially if you consider that the hotel have absolutely no other facility to offer).
Neverthless, if you are looking for a cheap hotel, if you do not mind average room, very small bathroom etc... you wil get a direct access to the beach, a pleasant place to relax but you have to know what you pay for.

Closing period: The hotel is closed (as all hotels in Ngapali) during the rainy season (it rains really a lot in Ngapali).

linn thar oo hotel ngapali
1st row, Lilly, Rose, Jasmine rooms

orchid room linn thar oo hotel ngapali
Orchid rooms

vue depuis chambre deluxe
Jasmine room 1st row

orchid room linn thar oo hotel ngapali
Orchid room

jasmine room linn thar oo hotel ngapali
Jasmine room

linn thar oo hotel ngapali
Front of the Linn Thar Oo Lodge

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