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Hotels list at Ngapali beach in Burma ( Myanmar )

Ngapali is a beautiful white sand beach with perfect water on the coast of the Bengal Gulf. Until 2005, you add only a few only at Ngapali even if it starts to be a little more than few hotels (2009, it is around 15 smalls hotels). Ngapali is a real nice beach to relax, very quiet, and the hotels are well dissimulated under the coconut coast line.

Closing period: Hotels are closed during the rainy season (it rains really a lot in Ngapali).

Hotels bookings at Ngapali are becoming difficult to extremely difficult from November to the end of February.
Xmas to 10 January is the peak period, it is very very difficult to get a room and most of the hotels are now applying as special "peak season" prices to theirs rooms (that are already overpriced).
If possible, avoid Xmas - 10 January.

Anyway, if you want a specific hotels, or something very nice like the Beach Front Villa Sandoway, in November or December or February, it is better to book at least 6 months in advance.

Hotel category

If you are looking for high end, high quality hotels (with high prices but at least you know that a you a very good product)
look for :

- Sandoway, especially the Villa Beach Front.
- Ngapali Bay
- Amara Resort

For a good 3 -4 stars hotels (with quite big price differences) look at :

- Thande Beach 3***
- Amazing 4****
- Aureum 4****
- Bay View 4****

you will be able to find guest house or cheaper hotel in Ngapali, but quality may be very low.
An exception that we like a lot, the Yoma Cherry, very good quality, very well located, and still reasonnable price.

Map of Ngapali beach : Here

Aureum hôtel

Rank : 4 stars
Excellent hôtel from Aureum group. The Aureum hotel is perfectly located on the Ngapali beach between the Sandoway and the Ngapali beach hotel. All services of a very good international 4**** hotel, big swimming pool, many restaurants, good room and room's finition. Overall atmosphere is very good also, price have increased a lot (like all hotels in Ngapali)

hotel aureum à ngapali

Bay view hotel

Rank : 3 star
Very good hotel with a long established reputation. Good swimming pool, rooms are smaller than the Aureum but the decoration is somehow better. A good choice in Ngapali.

Yoma Cherry Lodge

Rank : 3 star (charm and quiet)
We really like this hotel, it is located on a small (almost private) beach, access road looks like a bad dirty road, but at the end, you will find a nice, well managed, quiet hotel. It is quiet, with a huge green garden. Prices are reasonnable.
Good Staff, good management and almost always full (always a good sign...)
We strongly recommend it.

yoma cherry lodge

Sandoway hotel

Rank : 4 star+
Excellent and superb hotel. A must. The villa cottage and villa Beach front (the best) are amazing. A very nice
luxury hotel. Restaurant is expensive but good also. The swimming pool is big, you have nice bar with books, music, very relaxing place (all rooms have no TV..). Stick if you can on the villa near the sea, the deluxe rooms are very far away from the sea.
If you can afford, do not hesitate.

Ngapali Bay

Rank : 4 star+
The Ngapali Bay is a very chic hotel (not too big) located beside the Sandoway. Rooms are big, confortable, very well finished, very well decorated, and you sleep very well in the room. Superb bathroom, wifi in the rooms. The chef is coming from the Strand, perfect food.

Ngapaly Bay

Amazing hotel

Rank : 4 star
Hotel from the Amazing group which has also the excellent Amazing hotel at Nyaung Shwe (Inle Lake). The hotel is located on the north side of the beach, it is a very nice place but a little far from the other hotels (you need to take bike 20 minutes to reach the Sandoway and the other part of the beach). All rooms are really nice, well decorated, we especially like the studio suites which are directly on the beach. One of our favourite place to stay, the hotels have now new deluxe rooms, even better than the old ones. Prices have increased a lot, really a lot during the last two years.... start to be not so competitive even if it is a good hotel.

hotel amazing at ngapali beach


Rank : 4 star
New big complex openned in 2004 with a lot of activities. The suite and bungalow are really nice, we do not like so much the standard, superior room and deluxe rooms in the old building at the back of the hotel.
For the coming season, the hotel is opening a new wing (with sea view) for the deluxe rooms, and a renovated spa, along with no room surchage for the "peak seasons", it starts to be very interesting, especially for the new deluxe.

Thande beach hotel

Rank :3 start
This is an hotel we have learn to appreciate more and more. They have added a swimming pool in 2011, the garden is very green, the atmosphere very fresh and nice, rooms are big, well located, under the trees AND the hotel is maintaining a very reasonnable price policy for 2013-2014. it is a big difference with all hotels in Myanmar and especially in Ngapali which are increasing, sometimes really a lot, their prices.Thande beach hotel, now with the new swimming pool, has nothing less than other bigs hotels, it has a friendly staff, good price, good localization, very good room and we have positive feed back from our customers => we strongly recommend this hotel.

thande beach hotel

Linn Thar Oo

Rank :1 star...
This hotel was always cheap with very average room, with direct acces on the beach, and located below the shade of nice big trees. Rooms have the minimal acceptable level of cleaness and maintenance but still ok, the price remains not too high even if it is not so cheap.
Orchid rooms are far better, but the price is much much more higher, still below other hotels of the beach, not far from being cheap (especially if you consider that the hotel have absolutely no other facility to offer).
Neverthless, if you are looking for a cheap hotel, if you do not mind average room, very small bathroom etc... you wil get a direct access to the beach, a pleasant place to relax but you have to know what you pay for.

linn thar oo hotel

Pleasant view

Rank :3 start
New hotel open in 2008 with a modern design. The garden needs to grow to get a more friendly feeling, after this coming monsoon, should be ok. Rooms seems to be confortable and ok for the price. Could be a good choice but you have to be carefull with the prices of the rooms.

pleasant view hotel ngapali

Royal beach

Rank : 2 star - guest house?
Small nice charming building gather below coconut trees. The overall feeling is very charming and fresh. Rooms are average, will depend of the price you can negociated as the rooms are very simple anyway. If you can get a good price, and you do not need swimming pool, aircon etc... it is a nice hotel, more close to a guest house than a real hotel. Very good location on the beach.

royal beach hotel ngapali