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Choose your hotel at Mawlamyaing (Moulmein) - Burma - Myanmar ?

Mawlamyaing (Moulmein) is nice and pleasant place to go located at 8-10 hours driving from Yangon in the Mon State(no plane but you can go by bus or train).
It is a place where you should take your time, nothing spectacular to see, but a charming tropical atmosphere, old colonial building, nice countryside, very quiet life (tea shops start to open at 7 AM, in Yangon it is 5 AM......)

A traditionnal trip is first to visit Bago, then the Golden rock and after Mawlamyaing. After Malwamyaing, we recommend to take the public boat to Hpa-An (does not operate every day, be careful) where you
can stay also two days.
After you can drive back to Yangon or take a night bus.

camion chevrolet moulmein
Old Chevrolet truck with wood body as
it is usual to see in Mawlamyaing.

Ngwe Moe Hotel

Rank :modern, 2 stars
It is a clean, modern hôtel without any specific charm but everyhting works, it is clean, the hotel is located in front of the sea, rooms are confortable, not too small. In Mawlamyaing, it is one of the three hotels with good room.
Just in front of the restaurant, you have in the evening street restaurants, beer station.
At the end, it is a good hotel to go, well located, clean.

Ngwe Moe hotel moulmein myanmar


Rank :modern, 2 stars with some charm and well located.
The hotel is located near "Shampoo Island", facing the sunset and the sea. The atmosphere is better than Ngwe Moe hotel, mainly because of the garden and the huge terrace above the sea, facing the sunset.
It gives a nice atmophere and it is clearly a very nice place to have a drink or your diner. Deluxe rooms (2nd row) are corrects, but not that much and not better than Ngwe Moe (but more expensive). The so called "Suite" facing the garden and the sea have a very nice view, they are also bigger with one additional room.
Rooms are corrects, a little expensive (you pay for the localisation and the view), it is also one of the good hotel to stay in Mawlamyaing.

hotel attran moulmein myanmar

Shwe HInTha

Rank : 1 star, old modern hotel....
Used to be a modern and clean hotel, now it is an old modern hotel. Some rooms are correct but bathrooms are usually in quite bad condition, no or little electricity as usual in Moulmein but the generator does not run so much.... Overall a feeling that it is an old, not so well maintain hotel with almost no customer.
You can use it with a nice (big) discount on the price, check the bathroom first.
Try to avoid in the very hot season of April (no electricity).

hotel moulmein shwe hintha

Breeze Guest house

Rank : nice guest house
It is a charming and nice guest house (be careful it is only a guest house) located on the same street than Nwge Moe hotel, in front of the sea, facing the sunset. The Guest house is built in a old charming colonial house. New small rooms have been built for foreigners, they are very small, without windows or air con and with separated bathroom but they are cheap and very clean.
There is no air con or generator, keep in mind that in March April it is very very hot in Mawlamyaing.
At the second floor, you have a very charming huge bedroom (with bathroom attached) and two big bed. The room is really charming, nice wiew, very nice atmosphere and feeling (no air con). Price is a little expensive but if you like this kind of place, go for it.

hotel moulmein breeze guest house

Sandal Wood Hotel

Rank : modern, 2 stars
It is a very clean (brand new) hotel in Mawlamyaing. The hotel is confortable, well managed, rooms and bathroom are clean, in perfect condition (it is not a charming place.... ).
For familly with children, they have real big familly bedroom with 4 beds. There is no view on the sea, but otherwise it is perfectly correct and clean place to stay. We recommand the room at the back, more quiet and less sun (heat).
A very good choice also.

sandal wood hotel moulmein