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Petit Futé

8 days around Mrauk-U and in the Chin tribes area to discover the tatoo people

Our program : Mrauk-U, night in the Chin village, Sharama tribes, 100 miles cruise on the river.

Usually, we do not make ready made trip but this one is so unique and very difficult to organise in advance. It is a real opportunity to discover during 8 days the area around Mrauk-U and to spend 3 nights in the Chin village.

At some places, they may have not seen foreigners since 50 years..

Our program starts at Sittwe and ends at Ngapali beach from where you may reach Pyay by road (very bad), or Yangon by plane. You may also stay few days to relaw at Ngapali beaches before resuming your journey in Myanmar.

photography taken in 2004


- Only a limited number of people may do the trip at a time.
- trek in the Chin village.
- Boat cruise on the Chin river.
- Meet the tatoo tribe people in their village, there is more than 94 local ethnic group or tribes in the area.
- Night trek around Se Kan lake and pagodas around the lake.
- Night sleep in the Chin village. There is no hotel, so it is not very confortable (but it is perfectly ok).
- Back to Ngapali by car from Chin area.
- Mineral water, luggage porteur.


We work only with local guides who know perfectly well the place and the tribe people. We use only 2 Japanese motor boat for reliability. All the trek have been completely checked and obviously we have the autorisations. The road to Ngapali from Chin state have been very recently open (only upon request) and almost no foreigner have been driving here since a very long time.

Day by day detail of the trip :

Information - booking : infos@ananda-travel.com