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Choose your hotel at Inle Lake (Myanmar - Burma)                   Page 2

The main question at Inle it is to decide if you want to stay in a piloti hotel, or on shore. (prices are totally different, atmosphere also).

Weather - climate reminder.

It is cold or very cold at Inle Lake in November, December and January. You can have 5 to 10 C° in the morning and at night. It is really better to keep a warm clothe with you, especially for early morning departure by boat... with the wind it is freezing.
Many hotels do not have heater in their rooms... it is usually very very cold in the room at night.

Sun block cream.

Elevation is 1300 meter and you will spend your day on the lake = sun burn 100% garanty so do not forget a hat and a sun block cream.

Booking - always very difficult from the End of October to the End of February

Like every year now, bookings situation is very difficult at Inle Lake from the end of October to the End of February.
The worst (most difficult) period being November and Xmas New Year.

If you are planning to stay in a famous hotel such as the Inle Princess, try to book 6 or 9 month in advance.
For high and peak seasons, whatever the hotel, it is better to book 4-6 month ahead.


As last year, hotels have again increase their rooms prices. It starts to be really really expensive, even small 2-3 stars hotels have double or triple their prices.
For a good 4 stars hotels, you are now above 200 USD/ night.
Even smaller and basic hotels are now in the range of 50-100 USD a night.

Map of Inlay (PDF file) : Here

Inle Resort hôtel

Category : 4 stars
Localisation : East shore of the Lake.
The hotel has been recently renovated, new manager, new rooms (superbe royal villa), very good spa. After 3 years, it is now a very good hotel that we recommend. The Royal Villas facing the sunset are really good. The hotel is very quiet, and rooms are not cold (as in other hotels) in winter. Definitively a good choice in this category. Prices remain very competitive, the hotel management have increased the price very slowly and the hotel is quite "cheap" compare to the others hotels in the same category. A very good choice at Inle.

photo inle resort  hotel au lac inle, Myanmar, Birmanie

Inle Villa

Category : 3 étoiles
Localisation : East shore of the lake
New hotel open in 2012 on the east shore of the lake. Rooms (big bungalows) are really nice, below the trees, no so far from the lake. This is really a nice part of the hotels. The other part (garden, lobby, restaurants...) are not at all at the same level, really below. Hotel management was renovating and we hope that monsoon 2013 have improved the garden. We will double check soon.
At the end, very good bungalows, expensive price, common hotels parts not at the same level, big difference.....

inle villa

Myanmar Treasure hotel

Category : 3 stars hotel - Entirely renovated and upgraded in 2006
Localisation : East shore of the Inle Lake
Formerly the Inle Regal, the Myanmar Treasure group has upgraded the hotel in August and September 2006 and it is now the Treasure hotel. It is a big hotel on the lake, good one but used by a lot of groups. A good choice anyway.

hotel treasure lac inle myanmar burma

Amazing hotel

Category : very good 2 stars hotel
Localisation : Nyaung Shwe village.
It is a small, very well decorated and nice hotel in Nyaung Shwe. Currently this is the best hotel in town for this category (otherwise you need to go to the View Point, better but much more expensive). Prices have increased a lot, it starts to be an expensive hotels (especially compare to Mawathuka), still a very good choice, not cheap anymore (like almost all hotels). Amazing hotel is often sold out.

Amazing hotel at Nyaung Shwe

Cassiopea hotel

Category : 2-3 stars hotel - modern
Localisation : Nyaung Shwe village.
It is a brand new hotel (juillet 2013) at Nyaung Shwe village. What to say ? A new modern hotel with greek column in the village.....
Rooms are new, confortable. You have two room of bungalow each side of the main building. In the main building, you have 4 confortables rooms, not really in Myanmar or Inlay style but seems to be often the case now with new hotels.Prices are not so high, rooms are confortable.. will probably be full.

Amazing hotel at Nyaung Shwe

Aquarius guest house

Category : very good guest house
Localisation : Nyaung Shwe village.
A very good guest house where you can go without any trouble. Rooms are good, clean, staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is good.
A favourite place for this kind of guest house.

The new rooms are really a bargain for the quality, staff is really nice, prices are good. What do you want more !

aquarius inle guet house

Sky Lake

Category : 3 stars hotel -
Localisation :Inlay Lake, above water

Sky lake in on the lake, next to the Paradise hotel, on the east side of the lake. The Sky lake hotel have been renovated in 2012. Rooms are facing the lake, but only the 1st row in really on the lake. Rooms are confortable, big, nothing special. It is a good hotel in this category but as often now in Myanmar (and Inle), rather expensive (2013)

Amazing hotel at Nyaung Shwe

Manawthukha hotel

Category : very good new 2 star hotel
Localisation : Nyaung Shwe village, eastern part of the village
Small (8 rooms),new hotel at the eastern entrance of the village of Nyaung Shwe. Rooms are big, well decorated and everything is brand new. Prices are low for the quality of the hotel. The garden needs a good monsoon season to be nicer but this hotel is a good value at Nyaung Shwe.

hotel manawthukha
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