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Last minutes news and information about Myanmar (Burma) - Download form for visa

NB : Since August 2003, you do not have to change 200 or 300 USD in FEC at your arrival in Myanmar (whatever the airport and whatever you can read on badly update website or old custom forms).

Also, we remind you that you do not need any certificate or document to apply for a tourist Visa at your local Myanmar Embassy (you need certificate only for land crossing border or Visa on Arrival).

Cyclone Nargis Information :

Lastest information (in French) : Here
Lastest images about our food distribution in the delta (French) : Here.
Images in English about our food distribution in the delta : Here

Great News ! 1 septembre 2009 - credit card accepted (Visa and Master) by Ananda Travel In Myanmar
Starting the 2nd week of Septembre, We will be able again to accept credit card (Visa and MAster Card Euro card) for the paiement of our services, services etc.. in Myanmar. Our bank in Singapore, the United Overseas bank has accreed that we process credit in Myanmar.
The 6th October, our travel agency and our secure link have been certified by Comodo. Our customer can now pay by credit card via our secure server, certified and encrypted by Comodo (256 bits encryption). It is a very good garanty of security and seriouness for our customers.

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Air Bagan - Yangon Chiang Mai - 28 decembre 2009.

Air Bagan is opening the 7th January 2010 an international air connection between Yangon and Chiang Mai in Thailand. Very good news.
Departure from Yangon every Thursday and Sunday at 12.00.
Departure from Chiang Mai every Thursday and Sunday at 14.30.

New hotel in Pwin Oo Lwin - 11 December 2009

We have updated our webpage for the hotels in Pwin Oo Lwin (Maymyo) with two new hotel and an update for the Royal Park View.
More : Here

Balloons over Bagan - 17 november 2009

A fifth balloon will arrive for the new 2010-2011 season, it will increase the maximum capacity per day. Sunset flight will be possible (if weather permits and with a group of 6 minimum) for this new seasons.
Unfortunately prices are increased again, more infos : Here

Email - 28 octobre 2009

Our hosting company in France had some problem (again!) yesterday October 27 with the email serveur. If you did not receive any answer from us within 2 days, please send again your email.

Hotels in Myanmar - Booking -27 Octobre 2009.

Hotels in Ngapali and Inle Lake are almost full for the best cateogory for the last 2 weeks of November and Xmas-New Year Period.
It is very difficult to get a room at Ngapali Sandoway, Aureum, Inle Princess, Inle Resort.
If you seriously plan to come during this time, please book now or consider that you will have (if possible) a lower category hotel.

New 5000 kyats note - 26 Septembre 2009

The Myanmar government is introducing a new 5 000 kyats note the 1st October 2009. It will be easier for day to day payment but it will probably accelerate the already very high inflation in Myanmar. The legal kyat note will be : 5000 , 1000, 500, 200 ,100, 50, 20, 10, 5 and 1 kyat.

Hotel occupancy update -17 septembre 2009

Even if the number of booking is far from the level of 2007, it is recovering and some places start to be busy with waiting list or even some hotels fully booked.

Xmas - New Year : Ngapali beach hotels (especially the best ones) start to be quite ful, Inle Lac and golden rock
Novembre : Inle Lake and golden rock.

If you are planning to go to Ngapali beach for Xmas, or if you want to go the golden rock or a nice charming hotel at Inle Lake, it is better to start to seriously organise your journey in Myanmar, or even better that to proceed with bookings

Hotel update - 17 August 2009

We have update photos and comments at some hotels :

Peacock lodge (Mandalay) : Here
New Park (Bagan) : Here
Shwe Inn Tha (Inle) : Here
Yar Khin Thar (Bagan) : Here

Visa on arrival - 15 August 2009

Good news (at least one), the government has officially reduced the delay to get a visa on arrival (we remind you that you MUST apply BEFORE arriving in Myanmar to get the visa on arrival).
The new delay is 6 days. More information here

Phaung daw oo festival at Inle Lake - 23 July 2009.

Update for the schedule program for the Phaung Daw Oo festival at Inle lake in October 2010 : Here

Email - 10 July 2009.

Access to webmail and especially Gmail account have been restricted since last Sunday. Officially, it is a "internet backbone" problem. We are today able to resume our normal operation and reply by email to our customer. We apologized for the delay.
Nevertheless, gmail is still officially "down", so it is becoming even more difficult than usual to access to your webmail account, almost impossible from an hotel, you have to go to a "good" cybercafé, with the right software....

New office adress - Ananda Travel - 17 June 2009

We have moved our office at the 1st June 2009, new adress, phone numbers, access map in Myanmar and English : Here

Internet access - Ananda Travel - 17 June 2009.

We have moved our office (new adresse Here) but we have been out of internet during the last three weeks. We apologized for any detail to answer to your email.

Inle Area market day - 15 june 2009.

We have update the Inle area market day for 2010, web page Here, download Here

Electric plug - 12 june 2009

Photographs of the main electric plug in Myanmar : here

Phaung Daw Oo Inle Festival - 18 Mai 2009.

Update of the Phaung Daw Oo festival at Inle lake for 2010 : Here

Shwe Keinnery boat company - 13 mai 2009.

Shwe Keinnery boat company starts to operate a boat bewteen Mandalay and Khata from 19th May to end of September 2009.
The schedule is : Tuesday, Friday and Sunday for Mandalay to Bamaw, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday for Bamaw to Mandalay.

We will post more information and photos when we get them.

Train schedule - 13 May 2009.

We have update the train schedule for 2009-2010 between yangon Mandalay Nay Pyu taw Moulmein.

Yangon Airways Summer Schedule - 16 Mars 2009.

International Herald Tribune - 16 Mars 2009.

A too rare article from IHT about Myanmar that explains that the sanctions are useless, make the Myanmar people suffering and do not help the country to progress. A least the local oppossition is saying the same since last week http://www.iht.com/articles/2009/03/15/asia/myanmar.php

Malikha river cruise - 14 February 2009

Since many months, the "daily" boat between Mandalay and Bagan has been cancelled because of the lack of tourist. Malikha River Cruise (the company which is operating the boat between Mandalay and Bagan) has not officially confirmed denied if the boat will operate for the next tourist season 2009-2010.
We have just received from Malikha the sailing schedule for March 2009 (Here).
Until now, only two dates are confirmed....
We keep you posted.

SIttwe Airport (again !) - 3rd February 2009.

We have juste learn today (and it is confirmed by Air Bagan) that the airport of Sittwe will be closed from the 3rd February to end of March every
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.
Air Bagan will only operate Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.....No Comment !

New Hotel in Mrauk U -20 december 2008

A new luxury and charming hotel as open in Mrauk U.
The Mrauk U Princess managed and built by the team of the Inle Princess at Inle Lake. The Mrauk U Princess hotel is very well located along the river, at the entrance of Mrauk U and just in the middle of the rice fields.
It is really a charming place, with nice big room.
Photograph and details : Here

Ngwe Saung - Chaung Tha Beach - 16 december 2008.

Situation is more flexible than before.
You still need a special permit to go by car or bus to Ngwe Saung and CHaung Tha beach but it is possible to get the permit in few hours, or a day a MTT.
We recommend to the tourist travelling without a travel agency to go and ask your permit at MTT office near Sulé pagoda.

Mobile phone - very good News !! - 13 December 2008.

A very good news.
Starting 12 December 2008, it is possible to buy prepaid SIM card and use your own mobile phone.
The cost is 10 or 20 FEC per SIM card, each car will a have 14 or 28 days deadline once activated. You wil need your passport to buy the SIM (as in Thailand and Singapore).
At today, we are not sure yet where to buy these new prepaid SIM card but it should be available shortly.
We keep you posted.

Updated map of Inlay and Ngapali beach - 18 november 2008.

We have updated maps for Inlay and Ngapali beach.It is a copy of the DPS map you can get freely at your arrival in Myanmar.

- Map of Ngapali : Here
- Map of Inlay : Here

Ngwe Saung and Chaung Tha beach access - 16 novembre 2008.

Following Nargis cyclone in May, all the Irrawaddy administrative zone is still under restricted access.
ALl tourist going to Ngwe Saung, Chaung Tha or the Irrawaddy administrative zone must apply for a special permit. If you are going to the beach, your travel agency will do it for you.
If you are travelling alone... do not forget to apply otherwise you will not be able to proceed.

Update for festival in Myanmar for 2009.

The main festival in Myanmar for 2009 : Here

Update Phaung daw festival at Inle Lake for 2008 and 2009.

We have update our file for the famous Phaund Daw Oo festival at Inle lake.

- Octobre 2008 : webpage Here, Acrobat file : Here
- Octobre 2009 : webpage Here, acrobat file : Here

Road to Mandalay - River cruise - 1st July 2008.

Road to Mandalay luxury cruise is going to cancel ALL cruises in Myanmar until August 2009. They will make an official annoucement next week.
The boat will be renovated, but it is also a probable another consequence of the lack of tourist in Myanmar.

Domestic airlines - 27 June 2008.

Business situation in Myanmar is bad, and for all people in the tourism sector, it is just a "No business" situation. It is becoming really difficult for hundred of thousands of familly living from tourism incomes and the only consequence will be that hundreds of thousands of Burmese familly will have a huge income problem (it is not to solve any problem in Myanmar, and that's why tourism is vital for Burmese people).

Domestic airlines are cutting a lot of flight, especially on the Bagan sector. Currently, the situation is :

Yangon Airways : They will fly only if they have at least 10 passengers on Bagan sector, otherwise the flight will be cancel.

Air bagan :
Flight schedule are published only to 15th of July. Currently, on Yangon Bagan sector, flights are scheduled only for 4, 7, 8, 9, 12 July 2008, for the rest on July, we will know within one week.

Air Mandalay : No news, (as usual....)

Cyclone Nargis -27 June 2008.

We are preparing our new expedition for aid distribution in the Delta Region for the 9th of July. As last time, we will go by boat and we are planning to stay 3 or 4 days on site between Laputta and the sea, which is supposed to be the hardest hitted part.
We will mainly carry rice seeds and agricultural tools as the real urgent needs are for the agriculture. Farmers must resume work and planting rice to avoid bigger problem in October.
Medical help and food distribution are now one a wide scale and situation is improving.

Sakura hôtel in Bagan - 13 June 2008

The Sakura Thiripyitsaya hôtel in bagan is closed for renovation from 7 June to 1st August 2008.

Cyclone Nargis - 20 mai 2008.

We will try to organise a two days trip next Thursday or Friday in the delta to distribute rice, clothes and water. We are targeting a city called Malawmying-hyum which is located between Laputta and Bokkale (there is no way to access by road).
We will let you know the detail (check the French version for the lastest).

Cholera : There is no cholera case related to Cyclone Nargis in the delta region.

Hotel renovation - 20 mai 2008

The following hotels will be closed for renovation :

- Governor's residence in Yangon : 12.05.2008 to 15.07.2008
- Amazing in Nyaung Shwe : 23.05.2008 to 02.07.2008
- Amazing in Ngapali : 16.05.2008 to 16.09.2008

Hotel renovation and promotion (28-march-2008)

Ananda travel's customer will enjoy One Free diner per room at Rupar Mandalar hôtel (at Mandalay) from 1st April to 30 Septembre 2008.

Inle Lake view resort is closed for renovatoin from 1st mai 2008 to 30 June 2008.

Nikko hotel (17 march 2008)

The Nikko hotel will change its name after 31st March 2008 and will become the Chatrium Hotel.Here

Kentung airport -story not yet finished (05-March-2008)

It seems that the runway was not totally finished at Kentung.....
The airport will be totally closed from 31st March to 12 May, except Saturday (?)

Yangon airways confirms flights for 6,8,17,19 March and has no further information after 31st March.
Air bagan has not given any news yet, they still have to manage their latest perfomance in Putao.

Sittwe- Mrauk U (05-march-2008)

It is now forbidhen by local authorities to leave Sittwe by boat from Mraul U after 11.00 Am, too many trouble with boat arriving too late in the night to Mrauk U (it is true that it could be quite dangerous).
So, seems that everybody will have to sleep one night in Sittwe, for Ananda Travel program, it was the standard procedure anyway (to avoid any trouble with the boat).

Loikaw (04 march 2008)

It seems that it could be possible to travel from Kalaw to Loikaw by road with a proper documents and guide. Kaya state have been closed the last 40 years. We will test it soon and let you know.

Air Bagan - Aborted take off at Putao (21-02-2008)

An Air Bagan plane (ATR 72) has missed his take off at Putao 19th of February and has crash landed in a village at the end of the runway.
Nobody have been killed, only wounded, the pilot has a broken arm.

There is no detailled and accurate information about what happened. It is sure anyway that there is no casualty.

A team of inspectors from ATR is supposed to be already in Myanmar to asses the situation.
Air bagan, so far has been a very reliable company in Myanmar.

Kentung Airport - End of the story (13 February 2008)

Very good news.
The renovation of the runway at Kentung airport is finish today. The airport is open to any flight, starting 13 of February. We will receive today and later this week new update flight schedules from the domestic airlines. We will know soon which day airlines operate to Kentung.
At least, there is no more flight restriction to go to Kentung.

Balloons over Bagan - New Balloon, New prices (12 February 2008).

Balloons over Bagan will introduce for the next coming season (1st Octobre 2008) a fourth hot air balloon in Bagan. They will be able to to operate four balloon at any one time.
Prices for the new season have increased to reflect higher operating and licensing costs.
More detailled information : Here

Paramount Hotel Inle (7 February 2008)

The hotel Paramount Inle Resort will be closed for renovation from 2nd of May to 7th of July 2008.

Bagan - Mandalay - Bagan boat (5 February 2008)

The Shwe Keinnery boat company that sails every day from Mandalay to Bagan and Bagan to Mandalay has less and less customer because of the lack of tourist in Myanmar.

At today, 5th February, some cruise have been cancelled, others confirmer and others are waiting a decision from the boat company.
If you are planning a boat trip from Bagan to Mandalay or Mandalay to Bagan in February, March and especially April, you should check with your travel agent if the boat operates.
For Ananda travel customer, we contact them directly if needed.

At today, 5th February, confirmed cruises : 7, 9, 13, 17 and 18 of February
At today, 5th February, cancelled cruises :6,10,11,12,14,15 and 25 February
At today, 5th February, "waiting a decision" : 8, 16, 19 to 24 and 26 to 29 February.

Kentung airport (11-january-2008).

So, at today, the situation is confirmed like this:

- Yangon Airways (official announcement) will stop to land at Kentung (Kyaing Tong) from 1st February to 15 March 2008 but it will land
every day at Tachilek until end of march.

- Air Bagan will not land any more to Kentung (Kyaing Tong) until end of March 2008 but it will operate every day EXCEPT Friday and Sunday to Tachileck.

- Police authority has given an authorization for tourist to drive from Tachilek to Kentung, but not later than 20h00 in the evening.

In any case, you will have to add to your budget, the taxi cost to go from Tachileck to Kentung and come back. Except anything from 150 USD to 250 USd depending of the car.

Kentung airport (02-january-2008)

We start to have a better idea of the situation.
The runway is under renovation and it is possible to use half of it, with a small ATR 42, with hlaf load...

- Air Bagan has decide to stop the flight to Kentung. They reach Tachileck, that's all. Driving from Tachileck to Kentung seems impossible (you need special authorization), but it is ok (with the help of the hotels of Kentung) from Kentung to Tachileck.

- Yangon Airways has still some flights scheduled until 14th of January, using an ATR 42.
After the 14th, they may continue to fly to Kentung, if they have enough booking.... At today, nobody knows for sure.

Myanmar Airways International (01-january-2008)

A good news for this 1st January 2008.
MAI (no link with Myanmar Airways domestic) is resuming this week its flights to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur thanks to a newly Airbus A319.
Bangkok flight is daily.
Kuala lumpur flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays.

Kentung airport ........ (26-decembre-2007)

Situation is getting more confused, but we have more information.

Air Bagan
- If the ticket is already issue, they will provide a transportation by car from Tachileck to Kentung.
- If the ticket is not issue (only booking), they do not provide transportation from tachilek to Kentung.
- They do not accept new reservation for Tachileck.
- The local autorities do not authorized transportation by road from Tachilek to Kentung.

To summarize, if you have you ticket, it is ok. Otherwise, you can not go to Kentung.

Yangon Airways
If the ticket is already issue, they will use a smaller plane to reach Kentung and land. Should be ok (not 100% sure yet).
If you have only a reservation, or not reservation, you can not go to Kentung.

Air Mandalay
No news (as usual with this air company).

For Ananda travel customer, we will contact them by email with new program and or solution.

Kentung Airport Closed (24-decembre-2007).

A last minute news (we learn it now!!!) as you can get only in Myanmar.
Kentung airport is closed for the next 3 month or more accurately, the runway is being renovated, so it is very short and planes
can not take off at full load.

Air Bagan has decided today to stop all flight to Kentung. Passengers have to stop at Tachileck and then proceed by bus (Air Bagan is taking care of all the transportation by bus and clearance).

Air Mandalay or Yangon Airways have not decided anything yet....

For Ananda Travel customers going to Kentung, we will contact then by email the 27th wtih detailled information and a transportation solution.
If you plan to go to Kentung with an other travel agent, you should contact them.

Happy Christmass.

Mont Popa resort - photo update (16-novembre-2007)

Photo and information update for the excellent Mont Popa Resort hotel : Here.

Air Qatar flight Doha Yangon stopped (15-november-2007)

Air Qatar is announcing that they will gradually stop the Doha Yangon air connection.

Until 25-11-2007 : One flight only on Thursday and Saturday.
From 25-11 to 14-12-2007 : A flight every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
From 14-12 to 20-01-2008 : One flight only on Mondaya and Tuesday.
After 20-01-2008 : No more flight.

Anyway, if you have any plane ticket with Air Qatar bound to Yangon, you should check quickly with Air Qatar if your flight is still available.

Internet connection - cup and resume (5 octobre 2007)

Internet and email connectio have been cut from 2nd Octobre to today, 5th Octobre, probably because of the arrival of the UN representative in Myanmar.
We can resume today normal operation and answer to your emails.

New Airline flying to Yangon : Hong Kong Express (30-octobre-2007)

A new airline is desserving Yangon from HongKong twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday.
Web site : www.hongkongexpress.com

Air Bagan - international (update29 -october-2007)

Air Bagan will cancel all its international flights after the 4th Novembre 2007 due to USA sanctions.
Domestics flights are not affected.

Current situation in Myanmar (29 - October - 2007)

Everything is back to normal in Myanmar. There is no restriction to travel, visit, cross the border, issue visa for tourist.
You can carry without any trouble camera, computer at the airport.
Monasteries are not closed, pagodas are not closed, car, bus, train and air transportation are totally normal.

Curfew suspended (21 octobre 2007)

Since yesterday, Saturday 20 october, there is no more curfew in Yangon and all cities in Myanmar.
Situation is totally back to normal (for myanmar...)

Boat - Bagan - Mandalay (16 october 2007)

The daily connection between Mandalay & Bagan (and Bagan - Mandalay) by Shwe Kenny boat (the usual boat for tourist) is suspended until the end of October for economical reason (no more tourist in Myanmar in October).
The suspension is NOT for security or administration reason.

If Shwe Kenny resume its operations for October, we will let you know in our website (bookings seems to come back for October...)