Photographs of electrique plug in Myanmar

Electricity is Myanmar is supposed to be 220 - 240 V... Current situation (2018) is much better that some years ago but we still experience quite a lot of power outages, especially during dry season, and voltage is more often around 180 V that around 230v......(but we have a fair share of spikes above 250 volt....).

All hotels and many private houses have their own generators. Very usefull but when the generator starts, there is often a surge in electricity voltage.

Perfect to fry your appliance, computer, phone etc... Most private houses have "safe card" connected to every appliance to protect for electric surge, but in your hotel, it is not very common.

Our advice:

Buy an universal plug adapter which includes a power surge protection or a fuse. If you forget to buy one, you can find a plug adapter easily in local supermarket BUT you need to buy one adapter for every kind of plug you may encounter AND there is no in-built power surge protection.

Better to buy before coming.

Very interesting website where you can find any adaptor (for Myanmar trip or other trip) :

prise électrique en birmanie

This is a very common plug in Myanmar. This plug accepts round shape plug from France and flat vertical plug.
Flat vertical plugs are very common in Myanmar.

prise électrique en birmanie

Quite rare in hotel room, this is a big plug usually used for home appliance sur as fridge or oven. You do not need to buy an adaptor for this kind of plug.

prise électrique en birmanie

Triangle shape plug, also very common in Myanmar and in hotels. Your universal adaptor must match this plug.

prise électrique en birmanie

Chinese plug (works for Australia too), quite common in the norh of Myanmar, Mandalay, chinese hotels, houses near china. In the tourist hotels in Bagan, Mandalay, Inle you will probably not have this kind of plug.

mount victoria in chin state
Top of the mount Victoria- Chin State - 3000 meter

Petit Futé

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