Helping Myanmar people during your stay.

It has become a sensitive subject over the years because everyone knows Myanmar people need help and everyone is afraid to do a wrong move.
As many (most) Myanmar companies or even Myanmar people, we have helped various projects in the past, mostly orphanages or schools.
Our customers have often helped us and we have always managed our help program directly, being directly involved in spending and building projects.
Over the years, various NGO have attracted our attention and we have started to notice, that "orphanage" tours have been professionalized. So we have stopped. Since the last three years, we are supporting the local Myanmar NGO "Save the Needy".

Save the Needy - Help people with leprosy

Save the Needy
is only focused on helping lepers and family of lepers. They are doing a superb job.
Save the Needy is focused on medical, but more importantly on social help to the lepers. Their situation in Myanmar is dire.

People in this NGO are working only on voluntary basis.
100% of the funds are used for projects, under direct and open supervision. All volunteers have to pay for their own travel expense, accommodations and food. All spending and donations received are published regularly on Facebook.

Lepers in Myanmar

The situation is simply bad. People are living in lepers village, far from every other village, without any contact with the outside world. The medical side is often not the problem, the total social exclusion is the main problem and the family, the children are touched by this social black out.

99% of the lepers have a medical treatment and they cannot transmit the disease. Save the Needy is setting up social reinsertion program, medical help (if needed, mostly prothesis, wheelchair etc...) Currently, they operate in 5 villages throughout the country.

Helping Save the Needy

You can contact the association with Facebook and Messenger: Here
You can donate money, but you can also donate of your time and travel with association members to one of the 5 villages with lepers. There is at least one big meeting per village per month.

Even if the disease is scary, do not be afraid, you will not catch leprosy and people will be so happy to see you.

You have to spend at least 2 days (depending on where you will be in Myanmar), all your travelling cost, accommodations, food will have to be paid by yourself.

Helping during your holidays, by yourself.

You can help and donate during your holidays, when you meet people.


Do not give medicine or drugs, especially in a remote area or during trekking. People do not know how to use your medicine. A common medicine such as paracetamol could be deadly if you overdose (which is quite easy).
If you want to give up-to-date (not expired) medicine or fund, you can contact the Franco Asiatique Medical Association(AFMA) (or: Here)
At Ngapali, this association has a free, very nice, effective dispensary in front of the Sandoway hotel. Do not hesitate to make a donation here.

Money, food, books, pen etc...

: Give them directly to the end user to be sure that your donation will be resold (sorry but this is happening).

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