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Mogok - Ruby - gems of Myanmar.

Our travel agency is THE travel agency specialized in program and trip to Mogok (not only Mogok but also Tanaï in the Tiger valley where you find amber - Burmite).

I did my gemology studies in Myanmar and I am graduated from FGA London
( FGA :
I have been travelling regularly to Mogok sincethe year 2000.
Our local contacts and friends in Mogok allow us to propose a real, meaningful discovery of Mogok, not just a trip to say that you have been in the ruby valley.

With Ananda travel, you will understand the history, the economy, visit mines, process and obviously visit as much as gems market as possible. You will realize why Mogok is a so unique place

No other travel agency has our experience in Mogok, and can propose us with a tour with a graduate gemologist.


We had as former or present customers:

- French Gemology association,
- Mr. Vincent Pardieu from GIA Lab in Bangkok,
- Gemology school of Montreal,
- Alumni of GIA from Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, various gems professional, school and gems teachers, gems labs, people passionate with gems or simply amateurs who wants to really discover Mogok...

association française de gemmologie
Association française de gemmologie

Group tour to Mogok with a gemologist
Mogok is a mythic destination, beautiful but rather expensive (and a little difficult to go, now you need two special permits).
Mogok has been closed more than 10 years, most or all guides have no gems knowledge and experience of Mogok.
In order to offer you the same level of services and quality we offer to gem schools, labs, gems professionals, we are now offering small tour with GEM-A graduated French and English guide.

Our tour to Mogok regroups only 6 to 8 people maximum. Departure can be at fixed date (by Ananda) or if you already have 6 to 8 people you can choose your own date of travel.

Next tour will depart from Mandalay the 30th March 2019.
More informations, prices etc... : Here

pink spinel

Pink spinel

Best time to travel to Mogok ?

If possible, you should try to avoid the rainy season.
Not because of the rain, but because most of the primary mines are flooded so you cannot visit primary mines. You will be able to visit only secondary mines.
On the other side, the atmosphere and feelings in Mogok are really nice during the rainy season. Everything is in the mist, tropical rain and the secondary mines are working a lot because they have a lot of water. It means you will find a lot of stones at the gems markets.

If you like a blue sky, cold winter and to have all mines open, it is probably better to come during the dry season, from the end of October to the end of March.
Mogok is also beautiful under the sun (and the gems at the market too..) In winter, it is cold in Mogok (elevation 1500 meter), 3- 6 C° at night but daytime, weather, and temperature (25C°) are just perfect.

gia taiwan at mogok
GIA alumni from Taiwan
Mogok central gems market - Mogok

How long to stay in Mogok :

We can organize a discovery trip to Mogok as an extension of a program you have already set-up, or we can include a Mogok trip as a part of a bigger program you have requested to us to organize.
Usually, the starting point for a trip to Mogok is either Pyin Oo Lwin or Mandalay.

A program could be (with a mandatory guide)

Day 1 : Pwin Oo Lwin (or Mandalay) - Mogok - night in Mogok
Day 2 : Mogok, gems markets, mines, lapidary places, Mogok monastery and treasure
Day 3 (option) : mines and additional gems market in Mogok, pagodas related to gems
Day 4 : back to Mandalay or Pyin Oo Lwin.

It is definitively better to have a 4 days trip. If you want to have your time in Mogok for visiting places (a lot), you must have two full days on site. It is still possible in 1 day and half, but we clearly not recommend it.

mogok mine inside
Inside Kyauk Saung Mine - Mogok

Full gem tours of Myanmar

We can organize a longer program for the discovery of gems in Myanmar. This kind of tour is more suitable for a gem school or people really interested by gems, people involved in the gems business.

The program is longer, you will have time to see more gems, to visit the jade market in Mandalay and to have also a workshop with a jade specialist in Yangon. Myanmar has the best jade (and biggest quantity) in the world.

As I am FGA graduated, and that I did gem tour for many gemology schools, you can be sure that your student or association members will match their expectations (along with the discovery of Bagan and Myanmar).

- Yangon: Two days, markets, sellers, fake, jade, local gems, pearl and mello pearl.

- Mandalay: Jade, jade cutting.

- Mogok: Two or three days in Mogok, including all the gems market in Mogok, mines, lapidary, resellers etc....You will be able to find and see also some "rare" gems such as Painite, Taffeite, Jeremejevite, etc....

- Tanaï (burmite): If you have time, we can also organize a discovery trip at Tanai in the famous Hu Kaung tiger valley. This is the place where you have the famous burmite amber mines. It is a long excursion (the trip itself worth it), it takes one week from Mandalay.

We recommend to be 4 or 6 people to reduce cost, it is suitable for people who have time, wants to discover new places, are passionate with gems or amber and for people who are not looking for comfortable place to sleep....

Do not hesitate to ask me any additional information about your gems in Myanmar, and how I can organize for you a tailor-made gems discovery tour here.

bouddha en or mogok
Gold Buddha image at a Monastery in Mogok.

Petit Futé

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