Hot air balloon flights in Myanmar

Hot air balloon flights are a magical moment. It is costly but in Myanmar less than in other countries. It is a unique, truly awesome experience. If you can, just do it, especially in Bagan or in Inle.

At today (2018), you can fly using hot air balloon in:

  • Mandalay
  • Bagan
  • Inle
  • Ngapali

  • Most famous flights are in Bagan (the place is amazing and historically, it was the place of the first flight in Myanmar), but we also really recommend flights above Inle Lake.


  • Dates: Hot air balloons

    are not flying

    every year from 1st April to 30th September (some air balloon company may try to fly until 7 of April). At best, flights start again the 1st October. At Ngapali, flights start around December (like at Inle lake) and usually they stop before earlier than in Bagan.

  • Times: Usually, flights are scheduled early morning around 6h00. It may happen that some special flights or charter flights try to fly for sunset.

  • Premium service: Hot air balloons companies are selling regular and premium services. Premium flights are more expensive, but they are using a smaller basket (4 to 8 people), you may have some photograph of the flight included, take-off place may be more private and different, and landing champagne breakfast better than normal service.

  • Normal service: The basket of the balloon could host up to 12 or 16 people. Take off place is less private (more balloons around you). Normal service (as Premium) may vary from each company. Better to contact us directly if you want to have more accurate and up-to-date information.

  • Duration of the flight: Anything from 30 to 45 minutes. Winds decide the speed, length and where you will fly. If the speed of the wind is too strong, the flight may be canceled either for security reason or because the flying time will be too short. Every morning around 4h30, air balloon companies are launching small balloons to determine the speed and strength of the wind, and then to confirm or cancel the flight.

  • Children : For security reason, children below 16 years old cannot fly alone. Child below 8 years old (for some companies it is also link the height of your children) cannot fly.

  • Above Bagan in December

    Booking :

    You have to

    book as early as possible

    if you are planning to fly above Bagan in November or between the 20 December and 10 January. It is usually sold out months (4 to 6) in advance. It is not to push you, it is the real situation.
    You also have to know that prices between Christmas and 10th of January are usually slightly higher than normal prices.

    To make a booking (if not already included in your Ananda program), thank you to send us an email with the number of people flying, their individual body weight, and the hotel where you will stay (for the morning pick up).

    Take-off from Old Bagan

    Petit Futé

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