Flights to come in Myanmar

Now in 2018, the situation is much better and flexible than some years ago when we had only the morning and evening Thai Airways flight (or Myanmar Airways for the one who dares) to connect Yangon to Bangkok.

Now, Myanmar is well connected (even if it is not perfect), and you can arrive with an international flight in three different cities. New air connections are established every year, and we have a wide range of choice in term of quality, prices.
We have even "direct" connections to Europe via Dubai or Doha thanks to Emirates and Qatar Air. Things are moving and changing quickly.

Currently, you can arrive in Myanmar to the following cities:

- Yangon
- Mandalay
- Nay Pyi Taw

International flights from Europe:

You have two excellent airlines such as Emirates and Qatar Air than connect Yangon to Europe via the Gulf. Prices are usually very good, much lower than Thai Airways via Bangkok and the quality of the service is excellent, far above any airline except Singapore Airlines (not to mention that you arrive directly to Yangon).

Vietnam airline, which is also an excellent airline, is quite aggressive on prices and managed to be often cheaper than Emirates or Qatar Air (not to mention compare to Thai Airways). Flights are a little longer as you need first to go to Hanoi or Ho Chi Min Ville and then to fly to Yangon.

Our land rover Defender on a boat, upstream on the Chindwin river
Our land rover Defender on a boat, upstream on the Chindwin river

International flights from Asia or neighboring countries:

From Asia, it will be a short or medium haul flight from one of the big city or capital in Asia. Myanmar is now connected to quite a lot of city, such as Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, Singapore, Phuket, Kunming.... Time schedule is not always perfect if you are coming from USA or Europe, but if you are already in Asia, it is quite easy to come in Myanmar. You can also use some low-cost airlines, which are very very competitive in price compared to the main legacy carriers (think about Nok, Air Asia, Tiger Air etc...)

Keep in mind that Myanmar Airways is also a very good and cheap choice. Usually, baggage allowance is very good (30Kg) because many Myanmar nationals will come back in Myanmar with a lot of shopping... Myanmar Airways is now equipped with brand new Boeing planes and is rated as a safe company. You can fly to Singapore, Bangkok, Gaya, Hong Kong, KL etc…

Arrival in Yangon - Departure Mandalay (or opposite):

Some airlines such as Singapore Airlines or Thai airways give you the opportunity to arrive in Yangon (or Mandalay) and to leave Myanmar from Mandalay (or Yangon). You save a domestic flight and time in Myanmar.

It is an interesting way to organize your journey in Myanmar.

n the delta, close to Yangon.
In the delta, close to Yangon.

Qatar airways - Emirates:

These two companies are excellent. You have a 30 kg baggage allowance (more than the legacy carriers in Europe), food is good, service excellent.
You need to make a short stop (check the schedule, it is important) at Doha or Dubai but after you have a direct access to Yangon early in the morning.
A very good choice.

Via Bangkok:

Be careful if you are leaving from Bangkok to Myanmar.
You have in Bangkok two airports, one hour drive apart. If you are flying from Europe with Thai Airways (or a European carrier) and if you continue with Thai Airways or Bangkok Airways, no problem, they will organize the connection at Suvarnabhumi airport. Thai Airways has the shortest connecting time (maybe that’s why the plane ticket is so expensive).

But, if you are planning to take a low cost such as Air Asia, Nock or another low-cost, the departure is not in the same airport.
You need to go to Don Mueang, one hour drive from Suvarnabhumi airport.

Check carefully your schedule and the time you need to pick up your luggage, check in again etc...
Check also the luggage policy.
Usually, low-cost airlines do not offer 30 kg (or even 20 kg) baggage allowance, unless you pay for it.

If you are already in Bangkok and you fly to Yangon with Nok Air, Air Asia...etc. A low cost is a very good choice even if they are not very reliable on the time schedule of their flights.

etat mon, pagode Sin Kain
Pagode de Sin Kayik - Etat Mon

Via Singapore:

Singapore Airline: This is one of the longest flight to come in Myanmar from Europe but it is also one the best company in the world, nothing to compare with legacy carriers from Europe (Singapore airline is always, every year, in the top 5 air company in the world).

For the connecting flight from Singapore to Yangon (or Mandalay), you will have the choice to stay with Singapore Airline or even to use Silk Air (local branch, excellent too).

Singapore airline is very effective. They know how to handle strikes at the airport in Europe, late departure from Europe, snow in Europe...etc. problem with the connection from Europe.... It is not always the case with other airlines.

NB: With Singapore airlines, you can either arrive in Myanmar via Mandalay or Yangon (also for the departure). A very flexible option for your journey in Myanmar.

-Silk Air: Silk Air is the regional branch of Singapore Airline. Planes are smaller (A320), but service is excellent and you have 3 flight per day to Yangon.

- Low cost: From Singapore, you have a nice choice of low-cost such as Jet Star, Tiger Air etc....Often, the low-cost airlines in Singapore are offering a 30kg baggage allowance. They know it is important for Myanmar nationals.

From cities in Asia :

Hanoï - Ho Chi Min ville :
Vietnam airline is proposing flight to Myanmar in continuity of their flights from Europe. It is an excellent airline, with very good price and brand new planes.
If you are already in Vietnam, you have also the low-cost Viet Jet which is connecting Yangon to Hanoi and Ho Chi Min Ville. Prices are really low.

Hong Kong :
Daily flights with Dragon Air or Myanmar Airways.

Seoul :
Direct flights from Seoul to Yangon.

Tokyo :
Daily direct flight with ANA from Tokyo to Yangon

Kumming :
Daily flight from Kumming to Yangon or Mandalay

Kuala Lumpur : Daily flights with Air Asia or Malaysian Airlines.

Phuket : Direct flight with Myanmar Airways (starting May 2018).

Gaya (India): Direct flight with Myanmar Airways.

Indawgyi lake during the pagode festival - Katchin State.
Indawgyi lake during the pagode festival - Katchin State.

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