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Since few years, hotel construction is booming in Myanmar. There are few charming, nice small hotels, and on contrary a lot of new modern "things"... As usual, we are continuing to inspect hotels, check the rooms, localization of the hotels to be able to advise carefully our customers but we do not put any more online hotel descriptions.
There are too many hotels, too many without interest.
We still have hotels we really like, hotels suitable for family, hotels in harmony with their surroundings, hotels really trying to respect the environment, real charming hotels.
All these knowledge will benefit our customers.


Booking a hotel in Myanmar:

Technically, it is easier than ever to book a hotel on line in Myanmar, even if, for many hotels, the information display on the net in very often on the "bright" side, or even sometimes totally exaggerated…


In Myanmar, it is important first to organize the program structure, to be sure that your program is doable, and then you have to book your hotel.

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Some important points to keep in mind:

  • Ananda travels is often cheaper or at the same price level that main online booking website such as Booking. Com or Agoda. Our prices are always all included (taxes, breakfast surprise). Just check with us.

  • We know is tempting to compare hotels and prices, but even in the same hotels, rooms category can be totally different, with a huge difference in price. Between two hotels, it is even more difficult because two hotels are not alike, they will not fit your requirement in the same way. It is difficult from abroad to know a hotel. We are also here to advise you for that.

  • We know the hotels, where they are, their surroundings, if they will fit your holiday program or requirements (family etc...). We are able to advise you effectively.

  • If a hotel is shown "fully booked" on a website, it may only mean that the number of room allocated to the website is reached. It does not always mean the hotel is really full. Simply double check with us…

  • If you are planning to ask a local travel agent such as Ananda Travel to organize your holiday in Myanmar, we recommend that you let the local agency manage your hotels booking (with your hotels' requirements). It is not a money problem, it is mainly to organize a coherent travel program for you and also for you, a peace of mind. As mentioned above we are cheaper or the same price than the big online sites, but we will manage the hotels booking to fit perfectly with your program, we have direct access to the hotel management, and, which is very important, we can advise you.

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    Bookings in Myanmar - reminder
    Few words about hotels reservation in Myanmar :

  • Ngapali: Hotels booking in Ngapali are every year difficult to very difficult from Christmas to the 5 January. If you want a nice or a specific hotel, it is better to book months in advance.

  • 12-17 Avril: This is the New Year Thingyan festival. Usually, during that specific period in April, most of the hotels at the beach are fully booked.

  • Inle lake: Hotels booking are difficult in November, during Phaung Daw Oo festival and especially during the hot balloons festival. If you want a specific hotel, it is better to book early.

  • Golden rock: There is a very limited number of rooms (and hotels) at the top of the mountain. Generally speaking, it is always difficult to get a room at the top, but it is much more difficult in February, between Christmas and New Year and during the Golden rock pagoda festival.

  • Bagan: Hotels (and hot air balloons flight) must be booked months in advance if you are planning to come between Christmas and New Year.

  • Hotel category :

    Keep in mind that you will be in Myanmar. Hotels rating is not at the same level than neighboring countries such as Thailand.

    There is a lot of electric cuts, The Internet does not always work, service or food is not always at international level etc… Even in a four stars hotel, you will not have the same service than in Singapore or Bangkok.

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