Tailor-made journey in Myanmar with Ananda Travel Yangon

Why a tailor-made program ?

Myanmar is now more open than a few years ago. The situation has changed and improved but travel in Myanmar is still not that easy to organize. From outside, it may seem easy, but believe us, it could be really complicated.
The destination is more expensive than neighboring Thailand and because you have a limited time in the country, we believe it is better for you to ask a professional to prepare your holidays. When you will be here, you will focus on your holiday, not on the day to day logistics and problem.

Ananda Travel will really a tailor-made program for you. It means that you will tell us what you like to do, what you do not like to do, and with our knowledge of the country, knowledge of the hotels of what it is possible to do or not, we will build a program for you.
Nothing is ready in advance and we never regroup people together.
Building in advance the program, your holiday, will not decrease your pleasure to discover Myanmar, on the contrary.
You will fully enjoy your just, without thinking about hotels, planes, good or bad connection, taxis, renting a boat or a guide....You will spend time in holidays, not doing logistic on site.

Pagoda on a river - North Sagaing

Our team

Our management is French and Burmese, in Yangon we have a team of 12 people, including 3 French nationals.

All our Myanmar operators speak French, Myanmar, English, and we are also able to answer in Spanish (spoken and written Spanish).
In every region, we have our local people, who have been working with for 15 years now.

Please have a look in our Guest Book : Here (main desktop book not suitable for a mobile phone).

Why travelling with Ananda Travel ?

Since 1998, for a professional or private reason, we have been lucky to travel in the entire country, mostly by car with our old land rover. Sometimes, we have even been the first to access to some region, such as the north Nagaland near the Indian border. We know well the country, we know the region, the problems that may occur, what a visitor may like or not, when going or not going.

One very important thing for you, is that we are able to tell NO, do not do that, do not go that place, or we do not sell to you this excursion. We will not let you go to a place that will not fit your requirement, or even that is dangerous to you. We know we may have a commercial relationship, but also, we are here to give you real advice. We work only with the word of mouth, so check our Guestbook, you will have a quick look at what our customers are saying about us.

In the end, it will be your holiday, as we have created together.

Mahazedi pagoda at Bago

How to work with Ananda Travel?

Contact us either by email, chat, Viber, Messenger, Facebook, WhatApps etc.. (contact Here, online form: Here)

Try to give us as much as information you can about what you like or dislike to do. At least, we need your probable date (month) of travel, how many people will you be.
Then we will send you some program proposal and/or additional questions. We will build the program together until it fits you.

Paddaung women during a wedding ceremony.

Petit Futé

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Ananda Travels Yangon accepts credit card payment on its website (Visa and Mastercard). We have a 3D secure certification (highest security for our customers).

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